our weekend with house hunters

We made it to Asheville! Almost all of our belongings are still in boxes, but we made it! Our house is beautiful and I can't wait to make it our home. 

We had 1 day in Asheville to unpack as much as we could before we started filming again for House Hunters. We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday wrapping up our show! I can't go into detail about their filming process, and I won't give away which house we choose, but I can at least show you some pictures and tell you about our weekend.

Aside from Alex and I touring the three houses, Alex and I did a lot of awesome activities around Asheville to showcase the city and show our personalities and interests. On Friday we went Canoeing at the Asheville Outdoor Center. If you are interested in renting a canoe or kayak in Asheville, I definitely encourage you check them out.

Yes.. it feels really weird to have people following you around with cameras!

Yes.. it feels really weird to have people following you around with cameras!


Not only do they have any sort of paddle boat you'd want, they also have a breezy locally owned bar where you can relax and stretch out after. They were really excited to have us for the show. They were incredibly accommodating and stayed open late for us. They  gave us free drinks and recommendations for local restaurants for us to try.  


Alex's sister, Liz, stayed with us over the weekend and she brought her goldendoodle (Indy's best friend) Rocky. They love each other! After filming on Friday we took the pups to New Belgium Brewing Company for some beer (cider for me) and fresh air!

IMG_8997 (1).JPG

Saturday was more of the same. We toured one of the potential houses. I can't really give any details about these photos, but I can post them at least. 


So it was a busy, and incredible weekend! I can't believe all that Alex and I have managed to do in a month! Our priority now is to unpack, and get ready for work. Alex starts this week, and I am working on a very big project I'll be able to share with everyone in just a couple more weeks! Stay tuned. More fun to come I promise! 

Have the best Sunday!


Alex's graduation

I tried my best to document everything last week, but it was really impossible to post anything on the blog until today! I didn’t even have internet for a couple of those days! I’m going to post today about Alex’s graduation and tomorrow about our move and House Hunters. Let's catch up!

Alex's graduation wasn't really a "graduation" ceremony like you'd expect. Every year Alex's program (UNC OMFS) has a "Hail and Farewell" banquet at the Carolina Club. During this dinner they welcome ("hail") the 3 new incoming residents into the program and bid "farewell" to the three chief residents. The graduating chiefs receive a certificate, but no caps nor gowns are worn, and there is no key speaker, nor music/processional. 


It's not a typical graduation, but it is the day Alex and I have been counting down to for years, and it was perfect. Alex's parents flew in for the weekend, and we also had his sister, Lauren and her daughter, Talia for the occasion! I don't have a group picture of all of us, but I'll post what I have. 

The graduates: Alex with his two co-residents Caitlin and Brad

The graduates: Alex with his two co-residents Caitlin and Brad

Alex and me at the Carolina Club

Alex and me at the Carolina Club

Each chief gives a 5-10 minute speech thanking his or her attendings and family. Alex's speech was light-hearted, thoughtful and incredibly funny. The whole room roared with laughter! The Program Director said it was the funniest graduation speech he's ever heard :) Just another reason why I'm so proud of him!


We spent the rest of the weekend with Alex's family. We visited a couple of our favorite restaurants one last time (The Root Cellar and Parker and Otis) before packing our last boxes and moving from Chapel Hill just a day later. 

Talia, Alex's dad (Papa C) and Indy

Talia, Alex's dad (Papa C) and Indy

Indy, Talia and Alex's mom (Mama C)

Indy, Talia and Alex's mom (Mama C)

I thought I would cry on moving day.. but I was too excited for what we have next. Asheville will always be "ours" but Chapel Hill will always be "mine". I'm so grateful it's less than a 4 hour drive away and I have family and friends to welcome me whenever I visit. After 9 years and 2 degrees, I guess it's time I "graduate" too. I will forever be a Tar Heel, and I'll always call it home! 


DITL 6/16/18 Full Saturday!

Hi there! How was your weekend? I’m sorry I didn’t post more often last week! It was really just a blur of packing and taking Indy out for walks. Nothing too blogworthy! Our house is over half-way packed, and I need to buy more boxes this week!

I got to start having some fun again yesterday. Indy and I started with a walk up to Weaver Street before I changed and drove to Franklin Street Yoga. FSY is hands down my favorite yoga studio. I wrote a blog post on FSY years ago.. (in 2014) click here to read it! I met Bria for the 9:15AM class with Patrick (one of our favorite instructors). We walked across the street to The Purple Bowl after for a late breakfast/early lunch. I ordered their avocado toast and an iced coffee, and Bria had their almond butter toast with a green smoothie. It’s an awesome local place and I recommend you trying it! 


After brunch I went home to check on Indy (walk number 2) before driving to Fit on Main for my last training session with Lauren. We did a lot of the exercises from my training program (Barbell Incline Chest Press, Dumbell Front Raises, Standing Cable Tricep Push Down, 90 Degree Lateral raises, Dumbell Bench Press, Dumbbell Pull Over, Dumbbell External rotation, Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension) but then she had me try some a couple of moves I’ve never done before. Try these two at home (but make sure you have a mat beneath you! 

Wall Planks;  Try to hold for a minute. USE YOUR CORE. Try for 3 sets with a 1 minute break between sets. 

Wall Planks;  Try to hold for a minute. USE YOUR CORE. Try for 3 sets with a 1 minute break between sets. 

This didn't have a name.. so I'm going to call it "Wall Walks"

I was sore, exhausted and hungry after our training session, so I met my friend Leighanne at a new place on Franklin street for a later lunch at Hops. I had their cauliflower/ mushroom burger with a gluten free bun. It was hands down the best veggie burger I’ve ever had.

I told Alex we have to go together before we move! 

I told Alex we have to go together before we move! 

I came home back to Indy and we had another walk around the neighborhood before showering and packing another box. Alex is on call this weekend so I just microwaved a frozen meal from Trader Joes for dinner. Alex was home by 8:30PM. We watched the newest season of Goliath until we fell asleep. Do you watch that show? Definitely bingeworthy. We finished season 2 in 48 hours!

Alex graduates from residency in 5 days, and we move in 9! It's a big week, and I hope yours is amazing!


DITL 6/11/18: Checking boxes and filling boxes

My time in Chapel Hill is really winding down! I was up by 6:45 AM (slept in a bit!) to take Indy on a little run before it got too hot. By 7:30 AM it was already pushing 77 degrees and the humidity is unbearable here! After our usual two miles I dropped her off at home before I ran 2 more. A solid 4 miles felt good today, and it’s all I can handle in this heat!

I had large Jazz apple before our run, and after it I made toast with sunflower seed butter, a sliced banana and a sprinkle of mixed nuts.


I showered and then continued listening to “When Life Gives You Lululemons” on my audible app while loading more moving boxes. Packing is such a workout! I'm just glad I can space it out. I can't imagine packing non-stop for a day. 

Around 10AM I had a bowl of Angie’s pop corn and a protein shake before getting started on more "to do" items. They included: scheduling "shut-offs" for utilites, e-mailing our current landlord about our intended move-out date, e-mailing with the House Hunters producer about our next scheduled block of filming, and looking into hotels in Asheville. I need to start reserving some "blocks" of hotel rooms for the big day! 

I took Indy out for a second (shorter) walk before driving to Durham. I met my friend (and Pure Barre manager) Kristen for lunch at one of my favorite places, Happy and Hale! I love their avocado toast, and needed a protein boost so I ordered their toast with extra tofu on top. 

Toast with avocado mash, capers and tofu

Toast with avocado mash, capers and tofu

On my way home I stopped by the grocery store to stock up the fridge and picked up a cliff Builders bar for a snack. I worked on my laptop for a couple of hours before driving up to Weaver Street to pick up something for dinner from their hot bar. They always have amazing fresh and seasoned veggies! 


Alex and was home shortly after dinner. We walked Indy around the neighborhood for her final loop of the day together.  I'm propped up in bed; relaxed and feeling productive! Less that 2 weeks left in Chapel Hill! I'm just doing my best to soak it in :) Until next time!


DITL 6/6/18: another trip to Asheville and my favorite falafel spot

I’m back in Chapel Hill after spending just another 24 hours in Asheville! It’s good to be home (and to know that I’m not driving another 4 hours tomorrow)!

For breakfast yesterday I just used what we had.. obviously we didn’t have time for grocery shopping over the weekend! I toasted a couple of frozen waffles, covered them with almond butter and sprinkled on trail mix. 

Easy and nourishing!

Easy and nourishing!

I sipped on a protein shake (still on the Evolve kick for now) while walking Indy, and took a Larabar (peanut butter cookie) with me on my way to the gym. Workout included: Barbell bench press, Barbell Overhead Press, Flat Bench Dumbell Chest Fly, Incline Pushups, Skull Crushers, Alternating Dumbell Shoulder Press, Dumbell Lying Down Tricep kickbacks and Dumbell Lying Down reverse Flys. (Direct message me for sets, reps and/or resistance).

I drove home for lunch and put a couple of things together we had in the fridge. I microwaved a cup of Instant brown rice with quinoa and mixed it with a bag of steam fresh veggies, sautéed tempeh and topped it with salsa.

Nothing pretty but I’m no pro food blogger ;)

Nothing pretty but I’m no pro food blogger ;)

I took Indy on a second walk, packed my car with as many boxes it could holt and hit the road (again) for Asheville. I spent the night unpacking my suitcase and boxes, while listening to an audio book on my phone (using the Audible app). I just downloaded “When Life Gives You Lululemons”. It was just released, and written by Lauren Weisberger (author of Devil Wears Prada). It’s really entertaining so far and the perfect background to packing/ unpacking/ driving! 

I was up by 6AM the next morning. I am going to love the chilly Asheville mornings! It was 60 degrees until 9AM! For a quick breakfast I had a Cliff Builders Bar with Vanilla Almond Butter on top. It’s a sweet mixture for breakfast and not usually what I do, but I didn’t have much in the house yet grocery wise and it did the jobI

Tastes like a thin mint cookie

Tastes like a thin mint cookie

I drove to the Pure Barre Asheville studio to take Flavia’s (Studio Owner) Empower class. She is THE BEST. I love her classes, and it made me SO happy to see the studio, clients and teachers again! After class I met Flavia for lunch at one of my favorite places in Asheville Green Sage Café. I had their TLT sandwich (BBQ Tempeh, Lettuce, Tomato and avocado) with a side salad. I didn’t take a picture but I will next time! We talked about the teaching schedule for the summer, and when I can start teaching over there. I’m so SO lucky I can jump back into teaching so quickly. Once you stop for more than a month, it’s hard to get back into it! I plan to start teaching again by late July and will just take classes until then so I won’t get too rusty!

After lunch I hit the road for Chapel Hill. I stopped by the house to take Indy on a quick walk before meeting my friend Leighanne for dinner at Mediterranean Deli. One of the restaurants I’ll miss the most in Chapel Hill!


I ordered their falafel pita with eggplant and sautéed cauliflower. We sat outside and enjoyed Franklin Street! I was home, and exhausted by 8. I took Indy on one last walk before falling asleep on the sofa, until woke me up around 10PM and convinced me to go upstairs for bed. This week I'll focus on packing and checking off some "to do's" for wedding planning!