Intro to Pure Barre Platform

Happy November! 

I started off the month by trying a new exercise class, and something brand new to Pure Barre. It's called Pure Barre Platform! 

See the video below, this is the Pure Barre corporate promotional video. It looks intense! 

Today my two friends (and fellow Pure Barre instructors) Morgan and Marissa joined me for a road trip to Charlotte to try it out. The Pure Barre studio in Birkdale is one of the handful of studios already carrying the format. The owner was on the development team for the class, so she was trained before anyone else. The studio is about a 2.5 hour drive away from us, and totally worth it! 

We left early this morning, coffee in one hand and Pure Barre sticky socks in the other. 

L to R: Me, Marissa, Morgan

L to R: Me, Marissa, Morgan

The trip flew by with the great conversation and company. When we arrived in the studio, we were greeted by the owner Katie. She showed us into the studio and our platforms. 

She warned us ahead of time that this class will be very different from a typical Pure Barre class. The movements are much bigger, and faster. She encouraged us to exaggerate every movement, and to focus on working every muscle in our bodies. 

The music started and we got moving! The class seems to be a hybrid between a fast pace step class, and a cardio pure barre class. We kept looking at each other and giggling the whole time, enjoying every challenging minute of it. The format is amazing! I feel like Pure Barre has addressed it's only weakness.. no cardio! My heart rate was up almost the entire class. I left with the "endorphin high" feeling comparable to a spin class, but sore in the typical Pure Barre focus zones (thighs, seat and especially abdominals). I am thrilled Pure Barre is adding this as a facet to the brand! 

For those who take Pure Barre, here are more differences you will find in a platform class: The warmup is different and elevated! For example you perform your pushups with your toes on the platform, tricep dips with your palms on the platform (etc.). A lot of things are done on the "diagonal" so that you don't run into the person next to you. Pay special attention to directional cues in class. They are SO important for this format. Everything is on the beat. Try to stay on it! Every move is obnoxiously large in comparison to a typical pure barre class. Take everything you know about pure barre ("down an inch, up an inch" etc. ) and throw it out the window. Seriously, I think she said "heavy tailbone" once? Hardly ever did we even hear "tuck".  For thighs: instead of 3 separate thigh exercises you perform 2 thigh "series". Basically everything for left thigh and then right. Same set up for seat, you have 2 "series" instead.  Also: the part where you sit under the barre, with a red mat with a "rounded back" and then the following ab sprints with a "flat back" are cut entirely! Instead, you have some additional seat work in the middle of the room, and then  an abdominal series in the middle (with the platform of course). 

Similarities: Same flow of class: warmup, thighs, seat, abs. Same target zones, and you should keep your core tight the entire time. Same dress code: pants to knees or below, and socks MUST BE WORN. Same movements... they are just bigger now.

Our favorite part of class was the seat-cardio blast of kicking off of the platform. So much fun!

Never in a normal pb class...

Never in a normal pb class...

All smiles after

All smiles after

After class we walked around Birkdale for some light shopping and lunch before hitting the road back to Chapel Hill! 

Badaddy's burgers

Badaddy's burgers

I was definitely sore the next day, and so glad I went. I and am also thrilled to announce that I will be attending training for Pure Barre Platform in two weeks! My friend Adison and I are traveling to all the way to Denver, Colorado so we can bring it back to the Chapel Hill studio! 

Platforms are coming!

Platforms are coming!

Get ready Chapel Hill, the platforms will be here by mid December/ January at the latest! 

Please comment if you have taken platform! What did you think? 


Fall celebrations!

Hi there! 

How is your week going? I hope you had a great Halloween! I have had a great time enjoying the last few days in October and of course Halloween! Alex and I went to a Halloween party, and had a lot of fun putting his costume together. We made him into a werewolf by using black fur he purchased from a craft store. We just cut the fur to make wrist cuffs, a bigger cuff for his neck, and glued some around his face using medical glue! I just used on of my old Halloween costumes from undergrad. It was my favorite.. of course a referee! I don't actually have a picture of myself in costume.. but here's Alex! 

side note: the glue and fur was really tough to get off of his face after!!

side note: the glue and fur was really tough to get off of his face after!!

On Sunday we really didn't have the time we wanted to go to a pumpkin patch.. but Harris Teeter had some acceptable pumpkins for us to use for making Jack-o-Lanterns!

We were very selective about our pumpkins ;)

We picked some up before heading over to dinner with my family. I managed to get 5 of my cousins,  my mom, sister and Alex in the same room! Not an easy feat.  I am so lucky to live close to so many of the people I love!

Left to right: Spencer (Maggie's boyfriend), Maggie, Aaron (cousin), Alex (duh), Me (again duh), my mom, Annie (cousin), Suzanne (cousin), Ben (cousin), Harrison (cousin) and Morgan (Harrison's girlfriend) <3

Left to right: Spencer (Maggie's boyfriend), Maggie, Aaron (cousin), Alex (duh), Me (again duh), my mom, Annie (cousin), Suzanne (cousin), Ben (cousin), Harrison (cousin) and Morgan (Harrison's girlfriend) <3

After dinner Alex and I went to our friend Paul's house to carve our pumpkins with him and our friend Caitlin! 

Caitlin and Paul

Caitlin and Paul







Sunday Sprinkle for this week: I got to hang out with Paul's dog. He is AWESOME! I think I am going to start taking him on walks occasionally during the week! 

I wonder if he will run with me....

I wonder if he will run with me....

Happy Halloween! Now go out and have some fun! 


Bull City Race Fest Half-Marathon!

It's been quite a weekend! Yesterday I finished my third half-marathon! 

Look at me go

For those who have never run in a half marathon, it takes a lot more planning and preparing than you would think (well, if you do it right and don't want to injure yourself)! It's been a long couple of months training for this one! I definitely had to cut back on the other types of exercise I usually do so that I could focus more of my time (and definitely energy) to running and preparing for the race.

I didn't follow a specific training program (there are quite a few out there!), but like most people, it took me about 2.5 months to train for my half. Each week I had 2 mid-length runs (2-6 miles) and a "long run". My "long run" started at 6 miles and I added a mile to my "long run" every week. Most people work up to 10-13 miles for their last long run before the race. I went up to 12. I cut alcohol from my diet 2 weeks before the race, and tried to eat less processed food and more nutrient dense foods instead (so potatoes instead of potato chips etc.).  I was really nervous about this race! It was going to be in a lot colder weather than what I was prepared for. The forecast was set for 37 degrees at our race start time. I was also feeling under the weather Friday (just 2 days before) and was unsure of whether or not my immune system could handle the race with the temperature and early start (7:30 am in Durham). I don't think I could have gotten myself to run this race without all of the support I had from my friends this week!

I was surprised Friday morning by one of my running aficionado friends! Lauren is training for her FULL- marathon in November, and totally understood my anxiety for the race. She sent me encouraging texts all week, and surprised me with a pre-race present! Home-made granola. The perfect pre-race snack :) I'll have to ask her for the recipe so I can post it. But it was delicious, with hints of cinnamon brown sugar and raisins. 

Plus the sweetest card. 

I was so grateful my friend Caroline signed up for the race as well. We went to the race expo together the day before, picked up our race packets and planned to carpool to the race on Sunday.

Alex was also so supportive throughout my training. We went on some runs together when I visited his family in Toronto! Because we were on vacation, and there to relax and spend time with his family, I didn't want to peel myself away from them to train for this race. But when he wanted to accompany me, and reminded me I had a race to train for, it became fun :) 

Running in Toronto

Saturday night we went to my favorite sandwich for some pre-race carbs too. 

The morning of the race rolled around quickly, and I was awake and excited despite the 34 degrees outside. I just piled on layers of clothes and went for it! Caroline and I arrived in plenty of time, stretched and then we were off! 

pre-race pic

pre-race pic

The course was really hilly and challenging, and I couldn't feel my fingers the whole time. Honestly, it was painful. But I couldn't let myself down, and I had a whole support system invested in this race. I just kept telling myself, "this is what you've been training for all this time! You can't give up now. Plus it's way too cold to stop moving". I did it! All 13.1 miles are run and in the books. And I had a great welcoming committee waiting for me at the finish. 

Pretty cool medal too! 

After the race Alex and I met my mom, sister and her boyfriend Spencer for lunch at The Root Cellar. One of my favorites! It was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling Sundays I can remember. Okay I'm off to stretch and teach a Pure Barre class! 

Go have some fun and stay warm!


Back to my basics

Hi remember me?!

I am owning up to it now. It's been a while since my last post. So much has happened since my visit to Seattle! In the past couple of months I have taken on a new role as Lead Instructor at the Pure Barre studios, I was a bridesmaid for my fabulous and amazing cousin Ashley, and I took a week long trip to Niagara on the Lake, Canada to take a week away from work and meet Alex's family! 

I am sincerely sorry that I haven't taken the time to document all of my adventures for you. But, I honestly felt like the past couple of months have been something I needed. I kept my head down as I plunged into a new role at work, and really enjoy my new responsibilities at the studios. I also just kept my phone away more often. I challenged myself not to imterrupt life events with my trying to capture them through a camera lens. I took some time to focus on what is important to me, and in which direction I'd like to take my blog. It was refreshing, much needed.. but also very over. I missed you! And I missed sharing my life with you! 

Don't worry, (whether you like it or not) I am back and excited to share with you my adventures and everyday lifestyle. I'd really like to catch you up on the past few months.. so here are just a couple of pictures.. Consider yourself caught up after this!

Ashley's Wedding!

Ashley's Wedding!

Cousin bonding and reminiscing before the big event 

We made it to Canada!

Dinner one night&nbsp;

Dinner one night 

My first butter tart in Toronto

We went on a beautiful bike ride! Cut short because I fell :(

Me at work!

We have fun at the barre :)

We have fun at the barre :)

That about covers it for now. More to come I promise! Thank you for subscribing, and supporting me.

-Special thanks to my cousin Annie Franceschi for inspiring me to keep up with my blogging and being the best older sister I could ask for.-

No go have fun!



Trip to the Coffee Barre Day 1

Good morning! I hope your week is going well so far! I am so excited to tell you all about my trip to Seattle! I was lucky enough to take a 5 day trip to Seattle Washington with my dad this past week. I just returned home! I didn’t have the time to blog while we were there.. just so much going on! But for the next 4 days be prepared for details from my trip! Here is Seattle Day 1! 

Dad and I were wiped out after our red-eye flight. We didn’t even realize we were awake for almost a full 24 hours the day before! We arrived at our hotel at 1:30 am PST (but that is 4:30 am Eastern Standard Time!). First thing on the agenda.. COFFEE. And there is no better place for coffee than Seattle, and Starbucks well.. come on. ..

After walking around and getting our bearings, dad left for his first meeting (for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine) and I started on  my own agenda. I had plans of my own this week to try different fitness studios and classes in Seattle! On Saturday I tried Barre 3.

Barre 3 is another of the barre franchises. There are about 80 in the US currently, and one opened up in Raleigh not too long ago! I had heard some great things about the class and was really excited to try it out. 

The studio was HUGE with 2 different barre studio rooms. There were also lockers, showers, and a room for childcare. Yes they offer childcare during their classes. Huge plus for moms! It was different from Pure Barre in a couple of ways. For example this was the first barre class I have taken on hardwood floor instead of carpet.

Entry way to studio

Entry way to studio

Barre 3 studio room

Barre 3 studio room

Yours truly in the studio

Yours truly in the studio

The class format is very similar to Pure Barre, with a warm up in the middle of the room, intense thigh work, then glute ("seat") work and polishing everything off with abdominal work until your final stretches. Other differences between Pure Barre and Barre 3 include: Barre 3 has a more "yoga" like vibe to it. The instructor uses yoga terms (such as cat and cow pose, downward facing dog etc.) and focuses more on knowing your own body and what is best for your body "today and now". No one wears socks (hardwood floor you don't really need to). For seat work there was one long series of exercises instead of 2 separate ones. In every Pure Barre class you have two seat exercises, one in turnout (heels together toes apart, working corner/outer seat) and one in parallel (feet hip width apart parallel for set up, isolating the base of your seat more). 

The studio had some really cool special events going on!

Special event at Barre3 and a great idea!

Special event at Barre3 and a great idea!

I really enjoyed barre 3! It definitely beats my experiences with Extend Barre and Fly barre! 

I loved my instructor! She was awesome

I loved my instructor! She was awesome

After class I met up with dad and we walked down to Pike Place market for dinner. It was only about .4 miles from our hotel and we enjoyed strolling the city and catching the sights when the weather was cooling down.

Not my typical daily view

Not my typical daily view

It was beautiful out there! We went to steelhead diner for some delicious seafood and then called it a night.

Great food and company

Great food and company

More about Seattle's best coffee and fitness tomorrow! 


Have a great day!


Running of the Bulls, Walking of the Dog and Kat says "I Do"

Good morning! 

I hope you are having a great start to your day! I am really excited to tell you about the weekend I just enjoyed. I may still be recovering from it, and catching up on my sleep. I didn't have time for sleep.. I had too many fun things to do! 

My weekend started very early Saturday morning in Durham, NC for the "Running of the Bulls" 8k!  For those not as familiar with race distances, 8 kilometers is just about 5miles. My best friend Caroline and I signed up months in advance and had been looking forward to it for quite a while! Side note: the race shirts this year are pretty awesome!

Really nice dry-fit material!

Really nice dry-fit material!

 We stuck together for the whole race (challenging during a road race) and we really enjoyed the finish in Bull Durham baseball park. 

After rehydrating (it was REALLY sunny and about 80 degrees) and taking as many free chia bars and fresh fruit as possible from the post rest celebration tents,

we took a lap around the Farmer's Market and made our trip home.


Just hours later I left on my second adventure of the day, a hike with a beautiful Golden Retriever. Meet Darcy, this is Kat's baby! I agreed to watch her during the weekend. Kat stayed in a hotel in Durham with the wedding party and unfortunately Princess Darcy (as she is nicknamed) couldn't stay with her. I loved having this big beautiful dog to play with this weekend! It really made me miss having a dog around, and I look forward to having one of my own.

Darcy and I had a great walk around some of the trails in Chapel Hill. We also had a second companion with us. Meet Alex. He is.. well he's my boyfriend. So he may be showing up on here from time to time from now on :)

 Before I knew it we had to head back and get ready for the main event of the weekend, Kat's wedding! This was one of the most beautiful ceremonies, wedding venues, and brides (obviously) I have ever seen! It was held at the Angus Barn in Raleigh (also close to home!) I am so happy I was able to watch Kat say  "I do" to Nate.

Kat is definitely one of my closest friends. We talk and/or see each other almost every day! We support each other in Pure Barre, our blog development and pretty much in every other aspect of our lives. I always look to her for support and advice. I am so sad that she is moving to Nashville next week, but so happy for her and excited for her to start the next chapter of her life and her next big adventure! 

But back to the wedding: the music was great, the food delicious and the company was perfect! Alex and I had a great time dancing with all of our friends and the new happy couple.

The night ended with a beautiful sparkler sendoff! 

Picture perfect right?!

Sunday was a little more relaxed. I had brunch at The Root Cellar (one of my FAVORITES as you already know) with Alex and a couple of new friends before teaching 2 Pure Barre classes in our Durham studio. I basically crawled back to my apartment and slept SO so well on Sunday night. 

My legs are a little sore, and I may be a little tired.. signs of a weekend well spent! I don't usually have such packed weekends. But every once in a while why not? That's what the weekend is all about! Breaking out of the work week routine and enjoying as many experiences and relationships as possible :) 

I hope you find some fun this week! 


Get Over It!

Hi! How are you doing?

It’s been a whirlwind over here in Chapel Hill! I am finishing up my Master’s thesis and happy to say I defend this week! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to spend half as much time as I’d like blogging about the fun things I’ve been up to! But that all stops here. Here’s to a new month, the end of my master’s program, and most importantly… RUNNING SEASON!! 

So I think you already know I am crazy about some springtime road races! This year I was able to enjoy, for the first time ever, the Cooper River Bridge Run! Have you heard of it? It’s the second largest 10k (6.2 miles) road race in the US! I had a craving for a weekend adventure, and my best friend Kat loves the race too!

Kat’s sister Theresa lives in Charleston, so we even had a place to stay for the race! After the 3 and a half hour drive Friday night, Kat Theresa and I ventured out to this amazing and beautiful Italian restaurant called Pan e Vino.

Of course we have to have some bread and wine before a good long run! I opted for the seafood (because it’s my favorite kind of food in the world). But I still had plenty of bread.. and wine.

It was just the right amount of spicy, with lobster, salmon and shrimp!

It was just the right amount of spicy, with lobster, salmon and shrimp!

We went out for a second glass before calling it a night. We had an early morning ahead of us!

Theresa, Kat and me

Theresa, Kat and me

We woke up at 5am (which is typical for both Kat and me anyway with our 6am Pure Barre routines) and walked out to the buses, which took us to the lineup. I’ve never been in a race so big before! There are 40,000 people signed up for this race… I wasn’t even entirely sure of what 40,000 people looked like! 

This is me, Anna, Theresa and Kat

This is me, Anna, Theresa and Kat

We ran in corrals (luckily Kat and I were in the second corral so not much waiting). The course is beautiful and takes you right over the Cooper River Bridge (obviously). I tried to snap a picture of the runners!

And here is the bridge!

Kat with me on the bridge.

Kat with me on the bridge.

 We finished right in downtown Charleston. The race hosts a lot of live bands, free food and a festival afterward! 

After the race we walked over to a local restaurant called Prohibition for lunch before taking a power nap. 

By about 5pm we were already out and shopping the  streets of Charleston! Kat and I found these great tank tops at lululemon with the symbol of Charleston on them. We are both super excited to wear them to teach in :)

We then went to Leaf for dinner for another delicious meal (yes, more seafood please). 

We stayed outside for a while and enjoyed the sun setting. 

We found the Charleston Pure Barre too! But unfortunately it was closed for the night. 


We walked around downtown and enjoyed the night scene. I am so grateful for Theresa’s hospitality and willingness to show us around! We were out and about until 2am exploring and celebrating our run! 

This weekend meant so much more to me than a 10k. It was an amazing road trip with one of my best friends. We had the opportunity to do something together we both love and truly enjoy. Kat’s birthday is this weekend, and her wedding is coming up in May! She will be moving shortly after for her husband-to-be’s residency (Nate is going to Vandi!! Yay!!).  So many life changes are coming up for both of us and I don’t even want to think about how soon she will be leaving.. This weekend was something special for us to enjoy before all of the big changes happen.. before she gets married and I graduate.. we could just pretend none of that was happening and run our hearts out on that bridge. It was such a fun and exhilarating weekend and definitely one of my most memorable and special weekends. 


I can't tell you how much I am going to miss her!&nbsp;

I can't tell you how much I am going to miss her! 

I hope you have some fun today! More to come about what I’m up to in all things active and healthy :) 

Pop Up!

Hi! How is your day going?

I had a great workout this morning! I don't think there is any better way to start the day than with a healthy dose of endorphins.

Okay.. yes I am one of those annoying morning people. Judge away! You can call me crazy.. all the people worth knowing are.

 I am so excited to tell you about this amazing class called Pop Up. It was started by Katie Corley, a great friend and role model of mine. Katie used to teach Pure Barre and I looked up to her so much as an instructor when I first started teaching. Now she's my role-model fitness entrepreneur! 

She started this bootcamp style workout really organically, with some of her friends right in her own garage. The workout consists of a series of  cardio interval taining with a mixture of strength training exercises sprinkled throughout.

So think a minute of highjumps and then a minute of plank work, followed by a minute of pushups and then a minute of squats... Then a minute of burpees. It’s a great change of pace for me, because I continue to keep my heartrate up, with active recovery bouts. It's different from the cardio training I do when running (the same pace and exertion level throughout basically). 

Here's Katie!^

The class I went to this morning was held at Chapel Hill Country Club.. but Pop Up classes happen all over Chapel Hill during the week. The beauty of her workout Is that you can really do it anywhere! Some of her classes are held at Progression Climbing Center, others at The Farm (pool club in Chapel Hill) and some at Chapel Hill Country Club (as shown below). 

For class we use a small inflated rubber ball, some paper plates, a resistance band, and some small weights. After holding those small weights for long periods of time, and making tiny little isometic movements they get REALLY heavy! 


This is all the equipment you need for a great work out! 

Click here to see Pop Up's website! Pop Up also hosts Pilates classes, kickboxing classes,  HIIT classes (High Intensity Interval Training) and Yoga throughout the week. You can really meet all of your fitness needs through Katie's Pop Up program. 

We move a lot in there!

Other notes about Pop Up: everyone in class is always so positive! It's a great environment to work out. I only knew one other participant, but they treated me like an old friend. Everyone seemed genuinely excited to have their butts kicked by Katie. They also offer child care! 

 If you are in the Triangle, looking to try something new, check out her website and try it out! I guarantee you won't regret it. 

Have some fun today!


Happy Anniversary Pure Barre Durham!

Hi there! How was your week? It has been a busy one in the Pure Barre studios! This week we are celebrating Pure Barre Durham's first birthday! It has  been a full week of special events, lifting, toning and burning for me.  I am so happy I had a hand in planning the fun! 

On Monday we started the birthday week with free testers of cold pressed juices from Elements Juice. It's a local juicing company in Durham. They make AMAZING juices  Check out their website here. 

My favorite juice is the orange one for sure. 

On Tuesday our neighbor Panera Bread brought bagels, spreads, pastries  and coffee for our PB clients. I loved having the aroma of coffee around the studio. It woke me up the moment I walked into the studio. 

On Wednesday we held a plank contest! At the end of every class we challenged those who were interested to hold a plank (with proper form) for as long as possible. All of the times were recorded and the winner received a Lululemon Tank Top!

Some of our plank stars are above and below here. The winning time was 7 minutes and 34 seconds! 

On Thursday another one of our lovely neighbors, Juju brought delicious appetizers over for us to enjoy. Juju is a new Asian Tapas Restaurant, and a brother restaurant to Jujube, which is located in Chapel Hill. Both are delicious! Click here to check out Juju's website and menu, and here for Jujube!

We also had a Lululemon Trunk show on Thursday! Sonja (a friend of mine and front desk staff at our studio) is doing a lovely job modeling some of the new retail we have in stock. 

Over the weekend we had two final special events. We partnered with MadeWell, a women's  clothing store, for a shop night! Everyone who attended enjoyed a discount at the store that evening, and was entered for the door prize of a 5 class pack to our studios (retail value of $105) and a pair of Pure Barre sticky socks to wear for class! We had light appetizers and juices from Elements to sip while we shopped. 

The highlight of the week for me was the Pure Barre 100 Club Class we hosted on Saturday afternoon. 

We invited the Durham clients who have already reached 100 classes within the year that the studio has been open. Think about it for a second.. over 100 classes, (over 100 hours) in the Pure Barre Durham studio in less than a year! That is some serious dedication! 

We invited the 100 clubbers to a private class just for them on Saturday afternoon with the velcro bands! This was the first time  most of them had seen or even heard of the velcro bands, so it was pretty exciting! 

Exciting in a challenging and slightly painful way..

Here is a picture of some of our 100 clubbers with Marissa after class. All smiles! They were thrilled to try the bands, and felt super special to have a private class just for them. This class was the highlight of my week.. no question about it. 

The class and week was a huge success. It was great to have a reason to celebrate, get everyone together, and lift, tone and burn! 

Have a great rest of your week! And stay warm!


Body Pump Launch

Hi there! How is your day going? Here is what I did this morning! I took a BodyPump class at 02 Fitness!

My gym :)

My gym :)

I have really enjoyed my membership to 02 Fitness. It has a great weight room floor, plenty of cardio machines, and a really large classroom for group fitness classes. 02 carries the licensed fitness classes by Les Mills, the largest fitness licensing company in the world. Have you ever taken a class called "BodyJam", "BodyFlow" or "BodyCombat"? All of these and many more are created by Les Mills. Les Mills is carried in 80 countries, 15,500 health clubs around the world and have over 100,000 instructors! You know it must be pretty good right? 

I fell in love with Bodypump classes when I was in high school. I used to take the 6am classes before school over at the Healthplex in Fayetteville NC (hometown).  I have missed my Bodypump classes!

Here is their website: if you want to learn more about Les Mills! 

Body pump is not your typical weightlifting session. In class  you use a moderate amount of weight on a dumbbell  to perform lifts with an unusually high amount of repetitions. Each class has a playlist pre-made for it with about 12 songs on each playlist. Every song is pretty long though.. maybe 6-8 minutes each (sometimes they feel longer)? With each song you perform exercises targeting a specific muscle group. The first track is a warmup, after there is a song for squats, chest, back, biceps, lunges, triceps, shoulders, abdominals, stretch and a cool down. Body pump is designed to give you a full body workout in an hour, with light cardio (lots of squats) with a focus on strength and endurance building. It is led by an instructor who usually stands at the front of the room, doing most of the workout himself/herself and sometimes walking around to make modifications if someone needs help with form. 

My friend Cory (a coach at Orange Theory Fitness) and I wanted to take Leslie's class this morning. She is a friend of ours and we really wanted to support her and check out the new Body Pump Launch. Basically a Body Pump Launch is the release of new Body Pump choreography and a new playlist. It happens quarterly, so it's a big deal when a gym hosts the new Body Pump Launches! Leslie even dressed up for the occasion. 

Doesn't she look intense?

Doesn't she look intense?

I really loved class! I was happily surprised to find that I could use heavier weights than I used back in high school :)

Cory and Leslie had a great time too :)

Enjoy your day!


Pure Barre Training Weekend!

Hi everyone!

I missed you!! I hope your week is going well so far. It’s been a while since my last post, and I am sorry about my delay! It was a crazy time for the holidays, with class work, thesis work, and the studio was buzzing! But there will be no more excuses from me. I won’t let such a long time period pass again without you hearing from me! Here’s what I was up to this weekend...


I took a road trip with my mom to Spartanburg South Carolina for more Pure Barre training! I went to training for the Velcro bands. This is a big deal for Pure Barre classes, because this requires the highest level of training. Only one of our instructors at our two studios is certified to use the bands.. but I will make number 2!


This is what they look like

This is what they look like

My mom and I left Friday afternoon for the trip, it wasn’t too bad. About 3 and a half hours long with only one bathroom break. Our first stop was to our favorite restaurant in Spartanburg. It’s called Cribb’s kitchen. It’s a locally owned place with lots of fresh and delicious food. This was our third trip to Spartanburg for training, and our third trip to Cribb's :D


On Friday nights Cribbs features live and local music. It just makes their food even more enjoyable :D

It was a blue grass band. I didn't recognize any of their songs.. but I really enjoyed the ambience they created.&nbsp;

It was a blue grass band. I didn't recognize any of their songs.. but I really enjoyed the ambience they created. 


I ordered the jalapeño shrimp wrap and a side salad. The wrap was super hot and spicy. Just the way I like it! 

My mom opted for some of their chowder and fritters. She seemed happy with her selection too. Every time we go, the menu is slightly different. Mom is always good about trying different things on the menu.. I am much more stuck in my ways. Luckily my favorite jalapeño wrap was still there! 

Mom's chowder

Mom's fritters

Mom's fritters

After dinner we went straight to the hotel and called it an early night. I knew I had a long day of training ahead of me! 

Training started at 8am. We started with a full class using the velcro tubes. It was a long hour of intense Pure Barre! But you can be sure I loved every second of it. 

We all look tired after class.

We all look tired after class.

After our class and a snack, we introduced ourselves, and said a little about ourselves. The room was full of Pure Barre studio owners around the East Coast. I was so excited to be surrounded by so many entrepreneurial and successful women! I was also thrilled to find that I was the youngest in the room. It made me feel pretty special :)

Okay so about training: for our training we went over each position with the bands, and the choreography. Our trainer Sarah helped us each get the appropriate form for each position and we practiced hands on corrections for each position as well.  I think by the end of the day I had taken the equivalent to 2 and a half Pure Barre classes.

It was a long day of practicing, adjusting, learning, lifting, toning and burning! My thighs, abdominals and glutes (as we call them your "seat" muscles in Pure Barre) were so sore!! 

Sarah showing us how to adjust a position. 

We finished around 5pm that day. Mom picked me up from the studio and we hit the road! I was back in my apartment before I knew it. What a whirlwind of a weekend! I am already practicing with the velcro bands and am planning on teaching with them this week! I am so, SO excited to start using this new piece of equipment and challenging everyone in my classes with them! 

Look out Pure Barre Durham and Chapel Hill! I've got some fun planned for you! 

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Studio East 54

Hi everyone! I am so sorry it has taken me a while to catch up with you! The holidays have made everything a little crazy. But that's the way I like it anyway! I finally found a window of time to check out another studio this week. I visited Studio East 54! It is located at 2140 Environ Way (in Chapel Hill), and is really worth visiting! Click here to check view their website. 

A good friend of mine has raved about their classes and instructors so I really wanted to see what this place was all about. The first thing I noticed about Studio East 54 is their phenomenal location. They are located close to campus, in a shopping center with nice boutique stores, premium apartments and a really nice restaurant called Tobacco Road. The studio consists of just three main rooms. The first is the entry way with some retail and a seating area,

Super cute and trendy entrance!

Super cute and trendy entrance!

the second room is the largest (used for the group fitness classes)

and the third room is much smaller, with Pilates reformer machines. 

This is not the actual room, but this is what Pilates reformers look like.&nbsp;

This is not the actual room, but this is what Pilates reformers look like. 

Studio East 54 is different from most of the fitness studios I have visited lately because it offers a variety of classes. I imagine that's really nice for the clients who have packages here.. they can visit the studio every day and do something totally different! Studio East has TRX classes.. remember the body weight suspension bands at Orange Theory Fitness? Yup they have full classes with those here!


There are some examples of what you would do during a TRX class.&nbsp;

There are some examples of what you would do during a TRX class. 

They have Zumba, the latin infused dance cardio classes, and Zumba with weights classes! 


They have personal pilates training classes with the Pilates reformer machines and something that I was really excited to try called.. Xtend Barre!

Xtend Barre is a licensed Barre class and is carried in a variety of studios across the US. I had heard about it from some of our Pure Barre clients one day. I was interested to compare it to Pure Barre. I really LOVE my barre classes. And I can't say that Pure Barre is the best, and my favorite if I haven't tried the others! 

Xtend barre works the same muscles as Pure Barre. Both workouts use a ball, the ballet barre (obviously) and sometimes a small circular tube. They are both set to upbeat music, and are challenging for core strength and flexibilty. However, the classes are still definitely very different! The movements in Xtend barre are much bigger, and bouncier than Pure Barre, and Xtend Barre uses ballet terms (like releve, plie, and passe) and Pure Barre just uses.. well english. I definitely enjoyed Xtend Barre, but Pure Barre will remain my favorite!

I really loved our instructor Anna.

I had heard raves about her from my friend and I can see why! She was so supportive and encouraging during our class. She remained uplifting and positive the entire time. The clients were also very kind and welcoming to me as a new client, which makes the BIGGEST difference for someone's experience. My class was also free as a new client, which is AMAZING! 

I really had a great time at the studio and I am so glad I went. I will definitely be returning to try one of their TRX classes! 


Sending love from the barre this chilly December day!

Sunday Sprinkles Part 5

Hi everyone! My week was full of fun Sunday Sprinkles!

On Friday, after an early morning Orange Theory Fitness class, my fiend Liz and I went to my favorite place, Cafe Carolina and Bakery, for breakfast and a catch up session! It was so nice to relax and laugh with an old friend of mine :)

Disclaimer: This is Liz's pastry. That much sugar in the morning would have given me a headache. But it was so pretty, I wanted it in the picture!

My cousin Annie Fleishman is the sweetest person. Earlier this week she left me a present at my front door step! Just out of the blue, she left me this beautifully wrapped candle. Just because! It's the little things that make the biggest difference. I can't even begin to describe how it made my day.

And yes, that is her handwriting! She does the most beautiful calligraphy! She actually uses this amazing skill for her business to create the most gorgeous wedding invitations, stationary and much more. Check out her website! (click the word "website" and it will take you there)

This last sprinkle is completely random. But those are sometimes the best. I really love the Holiday themed treats that are popping up in the grocery stores! For example, these Pumpkin Spice Almonds by Blue Diamond! They are delicious, packed with protein and they taste like an Autumn celebration in your mouth. Pick some up at Harris Teeter if you can! You won't be sorry.


Keep Playing everyone!


Orange Theory Fitness

There is a new fitness studio in town! And it's.. really really bright orange. Have you heard about Orange Theory Fitness? It is a fitness franchise, and one just opened up in my neighborhood! My friend and fellow pure barre instructor Morgan told me it was an amazing workout and convinced me to try it with her this week..

Not that I need much convincing to try a fun new work out :) I did some research online before class to see what Orange Theory Fitness (commonly called OTF) was all about. Here is what I found on their website: "Backed by the science of post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), our heart-rate monitored training is designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy. The result is the Orange Effect – more energy, visible toning and extra calorie burn for up to 36 hours after your workout!" I also found that your first class is free to try it out.. which is always a bonus!

When I walked into the lobby I had to adjust to the amount of orange in the room. They take the "Orange Effect" very seriously over there.

Yes, even their flowers are orange

After filling out the client intake form (always a good thing for studios to ask for safety reasons), and getting over my feelings of being in a Chuckie Cheese game room, they helped me get set up with a heart rate monitor. Every participant wears a heart rate monitor for the duration of class, and all of our names pop up on a big screen showing which heart rate training zone you are in. 

Yes, now I definitely feel like I am in a Chuckie Cheese Game Room

The training zones range from gray (resting heart rate zone) to green, blue, orange and then red. And your goal is to get your heart rate in the orange zone of course.

Without getting too technical, the orange zone is achieved when you are tipping into your anaerobic activity.  Anaerobic exercise is defined as short duration, high intensity exercise lasting anywhere from a couple of seconds up to around two minutes. After two minutes, the body’s aerobic system kicks in. Examples of anaerobic exercise are ones that use fast twitch muscle fibers such as jumping and sprinting. By using and developing those fibers we enhance our musculature and tap into the exercise post- oxygen consumption (EPOC) their website was talking about.

So what do we do at OTF to get into this "orange" zone? Half of the class time (about 26 minutes) is spent on the treadmill doing an interval workout. You do bouts of runs from jogging to all out sprints. I was wary of the idea of sprinting on a treadmill, but these are by far the nicest treadmills I have ever used. Very bouncey and cushioney! I was fine. No Shin splints here! While on the treadmill, I ran a little less than 3 miles in all.

The second half of class consists of strength training. We did some work on the row machines, which are no joke! I really enjoyed the fact that our trainer, Joe explained the correct form for a row machine and challenged us to reach a certain amount of meters per minute. After some interval work on the Urgometer (row machine) we traveled to the other side of the room to use the dumbbells, medicine balls and and TRX straps. According to Joe, the strength training workout changes every day. Some days the workouts are more leg intensive (think lots of squats and lunges) other days a lot more core work (planks, pushups and curl ups) and other days just a big mixture. The transitions are fast and always challenging!

Morgan on the row machine

At the end of class we had a quick stretch session, and Joe explained the concept of the orange zone a little more to us, told us to drink a lot more water today and sent us on our way.

Picture of Joe talking to us

I really enjoyed the class! I like that it has a boot camp, and personal trainer feel to it. Only about 14 people can take a class at a time. This ensures that each person in class gets at least a little one on one time with the trainer. The music was great and energizing. I think that I can definitely see myself enjoying OTF  during the winter months when it's harder to get outside for a good run. One of the coolest parts about OTF is that by the time I walked home from class, I had a performance evaluation sent to my e-mail address. It showed my heart rate performance, how much time I spent in each of the training zones, along with an estimate of how many calories I burned (they asked me for my height and weight at the beginning of class for this calculation).

Morgan and I had a great time and I recommend you all trying it out! The first class is free after all! Just be prepared to get a little sweaty, and for all of the orange.

Have a great rest of your day!

Franklin Street Yoga

I just took a class at Franklin Street Yoga with my friend Miranda! I have taken a few classes here in the past, but this was my first opportunity to take a class with Lori Burgwyn, the owner. It was one of the best classes I have ever taken.

Lori Burgwyn

It was an intermediate level Vinyasa class. Which means it is a “flow” class where the yogi (aka me) inhales into one pose, and then exhales into the next. It was a pretty intense class, with a lot of core work! It was definitely warm in the studio.. maybe 80 degrees? But nowhere close to the 108 degrees most Hot Studios have. I prefer "warm" to "hot" yoga. But everyone has their preference!

Miranda and Me!

Miranda and Me!

The yoga studio room was packed from wall to wall with yogis, but no one seemed uncomfortable. In fact, it seemed like most of the people knew each other. My suspicion is that most of them did. They all seemed genuinely happy to see each other and all were pleasant and relaxed. This is not always the case in yoga studios. In many that I've been too, people appear tense, they are usually quiet before class and keep to themselves. Most just sit on their mat, waiting for the yoga class to begin. This is not the case at Franklin Street Yoga, while there I felt like I was in a room full of friends.

There were people of all ages and sizes, from a very pregnant woman, to many older students, with heads of white hair. There were also many college students from UNC Chapel Hill (the sorority and fraternity t-shirts are a dead giveaway). There are yoga mats that yogis may borrow, as well as blocks and stretching straps. I discreetly snapped another picture in the studio room.

The lobby is very welcoming, with comfortable chairs and light reading materials such as Yoga magazines and coffee table books on meditation.

Note the student's book bag placed by the sofa

The comfy couches and coffee table magazines made me feel like I was in someone's very clean and zen like home. There is not very much here for retail, which is different from what I've seen at most studios in the Triangle. Other than a few Franklin Street Yoga Shirts, the only thing participants may purchase is classes. This was refreshing for me.  It helped me focus on my yoga practice without allowing my mind to wander to whether or not they had a cute tank top in my size during class. But here was most important difference for me: I  noticed when I first walked into the lobby an enormous Community Bulletin Board. It was filled with pictures form Franklin Street Yoga's events as well as the schedule for some of UNC's athletic teams. There were flyers for 5k races and pamphlets about fun events in the Triangle.

Franklin Street Yoga really makes an effort of building a community within, and outside of the studio walls. One of the most impressive events they facilitate is Yoga in the Forest. This is a donation class (free, but donations are recommended) held twice a year in Forest Theater on UNC's Campus. I attended the last Spring Yoga in the Forest Class and it was so much fun! See pictures below. All proceeds benefit Susie's Miracle Fund and the United Animal Coalition. Other than Yoga In the Forest, Franklin Street Yoga plans many other events throughout the year including Mala to Mantra workshops, fundraising events for the Africa Yoga Project, teacher trainings for aspiring Yoga Teachers and Meditation Classes.

Yoga in the Forest

Here is a picture of me at Yoga In the Forest

The studio is the most university-student friendly health club I have yet to visit.  It offers lots of student rates and discounts. Lori also works with some of UNC's  Athletic Club teams for their training (for example our Women's Crew team and our Men's Rugby). In fact, Lori was wearing a UNC Women's Crew team shirt during class! The young women at the front desk, and assisting with class were also UNC Chapel Hill students.

I couldn't help but notice how people in class looked to Lori with more reverence than I have ever seen in a yoga studio. They absolutely adore her. I can’t help but feel the same way about her. She is a petite little woman with a great sense of humor and an even bigger heart.

You need to visit!

You need to visit!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Eve Carson Memorial 5k

On Saturday Morning I ran in the The 7th Annual Eve Carson Memorial 5k for Education!

This 5k is my favorite of the Greek races (run by sororities and fraternities).  The Eve Carson Memorial 5K for Education honors the legacy, leadership and community service that former UNC student body president Eve Carson left after her life was tragically cut short. Sadly this happened just the year before I attended UNC for undergrad. Eve was kidnapped and killed on the morning of March 5, 2008 at UNC Chapel Hill. This tragedy was the heartbreak heard around campus, and far beyond Chapel Hill’s Carolina Blue boundaries. Carson was a beloved Tar Heel who possessed a passion for the University and its students. Every year the UNC student body holds a string of events in her memory and honor, including but not limited to this special 5k race!

In its inaugural year, the event became the largest 5K in Chapel Hill history, and has since grown each year, with more than 18,000 registered runners and over $58,000 raised in 2013. Proceeds from this year’s race benefit the Eve Carson Memorial Scholarship, Pi Beta Phi Literacy Fund, and CEO 4 Teens. The numbers for this year haven’t been published yet, but I am pretty confident we broke last years numbers!

This 5k is also incredibly special to me because it was the first 5k I ever ran. It was this race, my freshman year of college, that incited my love of running. It lead me to sign up for 10ks, 10 milers and half-marathons in the year to come!  I have run in this race every year since then, always thinking back to my first 5k and reminiscing over my freshman year at UNC.

Before the race, the participants were serenaded by Chapel Hill’s oldest and beloved all male Acapella group the Clef Hangers .

I found two of my great friends Sarah and Allison to run!

In the line up for the start



We had a great turnout!

Everyone is lined up here for the start.

I know I can run three (point one) miles on my own anytime, and many don’t want to pay the money to participate in 5k races. I completely understand that, and am also trying to save money myself. I have to say, that an occasional 5k race is definitely worth the investment.

For those who have never participated in one, a 5k typically costs $20-$25.  You usually receive a t-shirt  for the race  and a race bag with coupons for restaurants around the area,  free water bottles, snacks and small goodies etc. The most valuable part of a 5k race part for me, is finishing that long stretch at the end of the race, with people cheering you on, on both sides of the finish line. I also really enjoy the satisfaction of participating in something bigger than me in the spirit of physical activity. It feels like a running party! This event brings a lot of people together for an amazing cause.  I  haven't received my time chip finish yet, but I think I was a little over 22 minutes. Not bad!

The finish line in the Main Quad

Allison was pretty happy after the race :)

I hope you all had a fun Saturday! Signing off with a quote from Eve

“I love UNC. I love the quad in the spring and the arboretum in the fall. I love the Pit on a sunny day and Graham Memorial Lounge on a rainy one. I love Roy [Williams] all the time. But what makes UNC truly special is not our beautiful campus, our distinguished reputation or even our basketball team. It’s us—the student body—who make UNC what it is.”

An Afternoon at Fearrington Village

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Here's what I have been up to:

On Saturday morning I taught two Pure Barre classes and then took advantage of my free Saturday afternoon by enjoying a mother/daughter day! My mom came up to visit and we decided to check out Fearrington Village. Have you ever been over there?

Not a bad view :)

Fearrington Village was created in 1960 and is technically located in Pittsboro, but is really close to Chapel Hill. The creators of the Village (Fitch Creations, Inc.) made it with the intention of emulating a farm like community. I had heard a lot about this place as a wedding venue as well as an enjoyable place to walk around. I found out for myself that this place is really something special!

To begin, there are a couple of restaurants and cafes mom and I found including "The Goat". We had just eaten lunch so we didn't try anything. But it looked delicious and fresh!

The Goat has a cafe feel, with fresh prepared chopped salads, soups, coffee, and sandwiches.  There is a second floor with a great view, and wifi too!

Of course we had to check out the two stores in Fearrington Village. Dovecote is a lovely women's clothing and gift boutique. It is GORGEOUS on the inside.

A view from the second story of Dovecote

The clothes were not really for me (I still live in Lululemon) and I'm not really on the market for coffee table books. However, something DID catch my full attention in Dovecote. While walking around I kept hearing this distinct noise, like a "coo".  I couldn't quite put my finger on the noise until I found them... Duh Hannah

They have REAL doves!

This picture shows why I wanted to buy a nice camera. Thanks for my birthday present Mom and Dad!

Mom and I then explored McIntyre's Bookstore. Anyone who knows me, knows I am such a sucker for bookstores. I got really excited about checking this one out. It definitely didn't disappoint.

Wall to wall books! An author was in the bookstore, narrating his novel. I could hear him reading and I knew it was happening in the small room behind the curtain. I checked it out myself, but I didn't think flash photography would be a good idea.

Wall to wall books! An author was in the bookstore, narrating his novel. I could hear him reading and I knew it was happening in the small room behind the curtain. I checked it out myself, but I didn't think flash photography would be a good idea.

Another room in McIntyre's Bookstore. I can definitely see myself cuddling up in one of those chairs in front of the fireplace.

After leaving the bookstore mom and I met the most adorable and photogenic dog ever. His name is Earl and I wish I could have taken him home with me! He just cuddled right up to me. His owner Sarah let me take a couple of pictures to share with you guys.

He was so happy

Fearrington Village is a really picturesque place and I can see why so many people have weddings and wedding receptions here!

So why do they have a "farm" feel and not just a "village" feel? Well... They have Belted Cows for one. They are called "Belted Cows" because they have a stripe down their middle like they are wearing a belt!

And Belted Goats!

This one didn't get the "Belted" memo.

We walked about three miles around the property, just exploring, catching up and interacting with all of the animals. I love this place and would definitely recommend you all checking it out!

Sending love from Fearrington Village!

Sending love from Fearrington Village!

Have you guys ever been? I would love to see some wedding pictures from this place!

Sunday Sprinkles and a gentle reminder

Hey hey! How is your week going? I hope you are enjoying the warm days we have been having! The biggest sprinkle of my week was my sister's visit! It was Maggie's Fall Break, and by a last minute decision, she came to stay with me for a night! It was a great treat to have her over,  and it reminded me of what family is all about.

Although Maggie was coming to stay, and I was so excited to have her, I still had to work during the day. I felt badly that I couldn’t see her more that afternoon but she was able to go on a walk around my neighborhood and she kept herself entertained. We were still able to meet at my favorite place in Chapel Hill for dinner (and studying) Café Carolina. It was just so beautiful outside, and so nice to sit out in the sunshine, relax and catch up! We decided to make it a casual  and relaxing night since I still had work the following morning as well.

Maggie and me at Cafe Carolina and Bakery

I really wanted to do something somewhat festive for Maggie’s night with me.. and that started my string of disappointments in myself.  We decided to bake cookies, and I was geared up to make them from scratch, but the time got away from us, and before we knew it it was WAY too late to begin such a project. We opted to just buy some Resse's Pieces Peanut Butter place and bake cookie dough to bake.

 When we got to my apartment, I realized that I hadn’t purchased a cookie pan for my new apartment! But.. we had a muffin tin so we made do with what we had! They actually turned out really well in the muffin tin.

Maggie with the finished product

We wanted to watch a movie, and spent about 20 minutes debating and discussing which movie to watch, until I realized that I also didn’t have a DVD player connected to my new TV in my new apartment. In my defense, I don’t watch many movies on my own. After laughing at my stupidity we just decided to watch television shows.

 I was frustrated with myself. I kept kicking myself for not being “together” enough for having thought about a DVD player, for not even owning a cookie pan. What 23 year old doesn’t own a cookie pan? I really could have made some great cookies with a recipe, and had a whole blog post about it, I could have planned something really amazing for the two of us to do that night. But as I watched the new episode of Modern Family with her, and as we laughed at the characters' quirkiness, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own small faults and quirkiness. Sometimes I take myself too seriously.

Maggie hadn’t even noticed that I didn’t have everything “together” and she definitely didn’t care. I may not have been the perfect host, but we had a great time! Watching television shows in our pajamas, eating our place and bake cookies, shaped like muffin tops, and just being ourselves. And.. That’s what family is all about. Not having to put on a show, and not having to try too hard. Just… being. I am so glad she came to stay with me.

But seriously.. this week I am buying a cookie pan.

Other Sunday Sprinkles:

Marissa and I went shopping for our Pure Glow Pure Barre Class!

Marissa and I have been getting ready for the Pure Glow Pure Barre Class! We went to Party City this week to buy black lights, glow sticks and these awesome shades.

My mom reintroduced to me this type of peanut butter called "Better'n Peanut Butter". I bought a jar this week and have just been eating it non stop! From making sandwiches, to dipping apples and veggies, this stuff is amazing.

Now go have some fun this week!

Hot Asana

Hi everyone! I hope your day is off to a great start. I just had the best yoga class yesterday at Hot Asana and I really want to highlight the studio and tell you all about it. This is especially for my yogis looking for new places to practice.

Picture from Hot Asana's website

Picture from Hot Asana's website

Hot Asana is located in Durham, at the Streets of Southpoint. The studio is on the second floor so the view from the studio's windows is really great! It is a hot yoga studio owned by Virginia Gallagher. She is an amazing Yoga instructor, and is now opening up her third studio in Danville, Virginia. Her first studio is in Southern Pines and Durham is the middle child.

credit to their website

As soon as I walk into the studio I can feel myself begin to relax. It smells really clean, with a hint of lavender. The soft lighting and happy people really do make it feel welcoming. There is a small boutique with plenty of yoga clothing (it took every ounce of self control not to buy any today), mats, towels, jewelry and yoga accessories (like mat straps and blocks). They also always have a fresh fruit bowl of apples and oranges for anyone who needs a little snack and plenty of water bottles. Trust me, you need one for class!

I tried to be discrete taking these

Angela pictured here at the front desk is one of the amazing instructors

The instructors are really the best ones I’ve ever had. They are all incredibly attentive to each person. I hardly ever see them in a single yoga pose themselves. They walk around and make hands on corrections while giving verbal cues the whole time.

This is Keegan. She taught my class today. She is always fabulous! Not only does she teach a great class, she also sings! During the last five minutes of class she sang for us and at first I thought I was listening to a recording. She is a fantastic singer and the acoustics in the room only make her resonance richer. Something else very unique about Hot Asana is the fact that they always have ten minutes of savasana at the end of class. For those not as familiar with yoga, Savasana is “corpse pose” the time when everyone lays on their backs and just focuses on breathing and meditating. During this ten minute savasana at Hot Asana the yoga instructor walks around the room giving each person a cold lavender scented wash cloth and gives a little neck rub to release any of that last tension in the neck area.

The studio inside

Kat and Amanda took class with me :)

For those looking to try it out, the “hot” classes are 108 degrees and the “warm” classes are 95 degrees. They also have aerial yoga! Aerial Yoga you practice with long silk hammock like structures.

This is aerial yoga!

There are student discount rates and lots of new client specials! You really must check this studio out. Click here to see their website and class schedule.

From the studio's website

From the studio's website

During class Keegan spoke about the importance of being open to possibilities and she encouraged us to try something new every day. I have to admit, I am a creature of habit and I like to stick to my usual routine. Especially when it comes to my workout routine. There are so many locally owned fitness studios in the Research Triangle Park area! From the bootcamps, to TRX, yoga and barre this area has so much to offer for those who love to exercise. I really need to break out of my usual  routine and try some new classes and challenge myself in different ways. … I think you know where I am going with this… The time is NOW! Why not bounce around the Triangle area and see what the studios are all about? I will always be loyal to my running regimen and Pure Barre passion, but stepping outside of the box every once in a while can't hurt. I am going to try as many of the studios as I can and report back to you guys on what I think of them. Here's to an adventure!

Do you guys have any recommendations of places I should try?

Help me play!


Fresh food with friends

Hi everyone! How is your week going so far? I have just had the best day!

I met my friend Ellen for lunch at one of my favorite places in Chapel Hill. Foster’s Market! Errrr.... The Root Cellar! Okay, it’s been called Foster’s Market for years but it has  recently been renamed. It still has the exact same  (delicious) food and the decor hasn't changed, it just has a new name. I know I will be accidentally calling it "Foster’s Market" for quite some time though. Some of their signs in the place still say "Foster’s Market", so I don’t feel too badly about it.


Whatever they want to call it.. I love it

I love this place because it’s really open and airy. The staff are always super nice and upbeat. Also the food is delicious and incredibly fresh. They purchase their produce from local farmers and make everything on location. I just feel great when I eat there! I ordered their “Very Veggie Wrap” It is packed with lettuce, carrots, cucumber tomatoes red peppers and hummus. I was so full and satisfied after.

It was also the perfect studying fuel! After Ellen and I enjoyed our power lunch and catch-up session we stayed for a couple of hours to get some work done. She has tests to study for and I have research to do for my thesis!

My view for the afternoon

If you want to check out the Root Cellar for yourself click here. They also cater! That's all I have for you for today. I am off to a yoga class at Hot Asana! You guys have some fun today!