Hot Asana

Hi everyone! I hope your day is off to a great start. I just had the best yoga class yesterday at Hot Asana and I really want to highlight the studio and tell you all about it. This is especially for my yogis looking for new places to practice.

Picture from Hot Asana's website

Picture from Hot Asana's website

Hot Asana is located in Durham, at the Streets of Southpoint. The studio is on the second floor so the view from the studio's windows is really great! It is a hot yoga studio owned by Virginia Gallagher. She is an amazing Yoga instructor, and is now opening up her third studio in Danville, Virginia. Her first studio is in Southern Pines and Durham is the middle child.

credit to their website

As soon as I walk into the studio I can feel myself begin to relax. It smells really clean, with a hint of lavender. The soft lighting and happy people really do make it feel welcoming. There is a small boutique with plenty of yoga clothing (it took every ounce of self control not to buy any today), mats, towels, jewelry and yoga accessories (like mat straps and blocks). They also always have a fresh fruit bowl of apples and oranges for anyone who needs a little snack and plenty of water bottles. Trust me, you need one for class!

I tried to be discrete taking these

Angela pictured here at the front desk is one of the amazing instructors

The instructors are really the best ones I’ve ever had. They are all incredibly attentive to each person. I hardly ever see them in a single yoga pose themselves. They walk around and make hands on corrections while giving verbal cues the whole time.

This is Keegan. She taught my class today. She is always fabulous! Not only does she teach a great class, she also sings! During the last five minutes of class she sang for us and at first I thought I was listening to a recording. She is a fantastic singer and the acoustics in the room only make her resonance richer. Something else very unique about Hot Asana is the fact that they always have ten minutes of savasana at the end of class. For those not as familiar with yoga, Savasana is “corpse pose” the time when everyone lays on their backs and just focuses on breathing and meditating. During this ten minute savasana at Hot Asana the yoga instructor walks around the room giving each person a cold lavender scented wash cloth and gives a little neck rub to release any of that last tension in the neck area.

The studio inside

Kat and Amanda took class with me :)

For those looking to try it out, the “hot” classes are 108 degrees and the “warm” classes are 95 degrees. They also have aerial yoga! Aerial Yoga you practice with long silk hammock like structures.

This is aerial yoga!

There are student discount rates and lots of new client specials! You really must check this studio out. Click here to see their website and class schedule.

From the studio's website

From the studio's website

During class Keegan spoke about the importance of being open to possibilities and she encouraged us to try something new every day. I have to admit, I am a creature of habit and I like to stick to my usual routine. Especially when it comes to my workout routine. There are so many locally owned fitness studios in the Research Triangle Park area! From the bootcamps, to TRX, yoga and barre this area has so much to offer for those who love to exercise. I really need to break out of my usual  routine and try some new classes and challenge myself in different ways. … I think you know where I am going with this… The time is NOW! Why not bounce around the Triangle area and see what the studios are all about? I will always be loyal to my running regimen and Pure Barre passion, but stepping outside of the box every once in a while can't hurt. I am going to try as many of the studios as I can and report back to you guys on what I think of them. Here's to an adventure!

Do you guys have any recommendations of places I should try?

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