Sunday Sprinkles Part 5

Hi everyone! My week was full of fun Sunday Sprinkles!

On Friday, after an early morning Orange Theory Fitness class, my fiend Liz and I went to my favorite place, Cafe Carolina and Bakery, for breakfast and a catch up session! It was so nice to relax and laugh with an old friend of mine :)

Disclaimer: This is Liz's pastry. That much sugar in the morning would have given me a headache. But it was so pretty, I wanted it in the picture!

My cousin Annie Fleishman is the sweetest person. Earlier this week she left me a present at my front door step! Just out of the blue, she left me this beautifully wrapped candle. Just because! It's the little things that make the biggest difference. I can't even begin to describe how it made my day.

And yes, that is her handwriting! She does the most beautiful calligraphy! She actually uses this amazing skill for her business to create the most gorgeous wedding invitations, stationary and much more. Check out her website! (click the word "website" and it will take you there)

This last sprinkle is completely random. But those are sometimes the best. I really love the Holiday themed treats that are popping up in the grocery stores! For example, these Pumpkin Spice Almonds by Blue Diamond! They are delicious, packed with protein and they taste like an Autumn celebration in your mouth. Pick some up at Harris Teeter if you can! You won't be sorry.


Keep Playing everyone!