Sunday Sprinkles and a gentle reminder

Hey hey! How is your week going? I hope you are enjoying the warm days we have been having! The biggest sprinkle of my week was my sister's visit! It was Maggie's Fall Break, and by a last minute decision, she came to stay with me for a night! It was a great treat to have her over,  and it reminded me of what family is all about.

Although Maggie was coming to stay, and I was so excited to have her, I still had to work during the day. I felt badly that I couldn’t see her more that afternoon but she was able to go on a walk around my neighborhood and she kept herself entertained. We were still able to meet at my favorite place in Chapel Hill for dinner (and studying) Café Carolina. It was just so beautiful outside, and so nice to sit out in the sunshine, relax and catch up! We decided to make it a casual  and relaxing night since I still had work the following morning as well.

Maggie and me at Cafe Carolina and Bakery

I really wanted to do something somewhat festive for Maggie’s night with me.. and that started my string of disappointments in myself.  We decided to bake cookies, and I was geared up to make them from scratch, but the time got away from us, and before we knew it it was WAY too late to begin such a project. We opted to just buy some Resse's Pieces Peanut Butter place and bake cookie dough to bake.

 When we got to my apartment, I realized that I hadn’t purchased a cookie pan for my new apartment! But.. we had a muffin tin so we made do with what we had! They actually turned out really well in the muffin tin.

Maggie with the finished product

We wanted to watch a movie, and spent about 20 minutes debating and discussing which movie to watch, until I realized that I also didn’t have a DVD player connected to my new TV in my new apartment. In my defense, I don’t watch many movies on my own. After laughing at my stupidity we just decided to watch television shows.

 I was frustrated with myself. I kept kicking myself for not being “together” enough for having thought about a DVD player, for not even owning a cookie pan. What 23 year old doesn’t own a cookie pan? I really could have made some great cookies with a recipe, and had a whole blog post about it, I could have planned something really amazing for the two of us to do that night. But as I watched the new episode of Modern Family with her, and as we laughed at the characters' quirkiness, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own small faults and quirkiness. Sometimes I take myself too seriously.

Maggie hadn’t even noticed that I didn’t have everything “together” and she definitely didn’t care. I may not have been the perfect host, but we had a great time! Watching television shows in our pajamas, eating our place and bake cookies, shaped like muffin tops, and just being ourselves. And.. That’s what family is all about. Not having to put on a show, and not having to try too hard. Just… being. I am so glad she came to stay with me.

But seriously.. this week I am buying a cookie pan.

Other Sunday Sprinkles:

Marissa and I went shopping for our Pure Glow Pure Barre Class!

Marissa and I have been getting ready for the Pure Glow Pure Barre Class! We went to Party City this week to buy black lights, glow sticks and these awesome shades.

My mom reintroduced to me this type of peanut butter called "Better'n Peanut Butter". I bought a jar this week and have just been eating it non stop! From making sandwiches, to dipping apples and veggies, this stuff is amazing.

Now go have some fun this week!