Hot Yoga at Hot Asana

Today I took a class at one of Durham’s newest yoga studios called Hot Asana! I know right, ingenious name. Man when they say “Hot” yoga they are not fooling around over there! The studio was heated to 108 degrees and of course the temperature increases when you have a bunch of people moving around into sun salutations and body binds. My instructor’s name was Keegan and she is AMAZING! On top of teaching yoga, she is a phenomenal singer. She serenaded us during Savasana (corpse pose at the end of class when you just lay there and potentially take a mini nap). During this savasana period I was also given a cold washcloth towel, scented with lavender, to drape over my face and a staff member came around and gave each participant a mini-neck massage. I started to feel like I was in a spa!


Some people are super into hot yoga, others hate it, and many of my friends have never tried it. All Yoga studios and instructors can be very different and I encourage you to try more than one before you judge too harshly! Personally, I am not a big hot yoga person. I prefer a normal temperature for my practice. I can see the allure though. There is something very cathartic to a heavy sweat like that. It can really put you into a different state of mind, and I think it pushes me mentally to block out the heat and persevere through the practice. I have to admit, I felt really great after class. I think that during the winter months, I will visit Hot Asana more often. It could be the perfect little pocket of warmth I am looking for during those cold and dreary days…


A couple of final thoughts on Hot Yoga:


2)   Don’t make plans for the hour following your class. You are going to want to take a shower right after.. trust me

3)   Just have fun and try it once!

Check out the studio for yourself!


Let me know what you guys think.. any thoughts on Hot Yoga? Any recommendations of another studio I should try in the triangle? Have a great day everyone!!

This is a picture of me and my friends from Lululemon Athletica at the Hot Asana Studio! Note: this was BEFORE class. You don't want to see how we looked after ;)