Bring it on, September

A very Happy Labor Day Weekend to you! I hope you all had a fabulous extra day to your weekend!

I just got back from a trip to the beach! My family has a little condo on Ocean Drive and I try to go down there as much as I can in the summer. I was really excited to get some sunshine! My aunt, uncle and cousins from Charlotte were all down for vacation too and I am so glad I got to see them for a catch up. We all went to my favorite restaurant on Ocean Drive.. Hoskins! A locally owned fresh seafood restaurant. You just can’t beat their cold boiled shrimp!

It hasn't changed a bit since it opened in 1948

I kicked off Saturday morning with a run on the beach. To the Cherry Grove Pier and back is about 5 miles. It is always just the perfect distance, and most beautiful run when the sun is coming up.

Just a snap of the beach entrance


After a quick shower and breakfast, we took the boat out on the waterway. It was incredibly sunny and there is just something about cruising around with the family, with country music playing. It just feels like summer.

Some of the family on the beach

On our last day I woke up early to take one last walk on the beach, and mom and I enjoyed a bike ride around the neighborhood.

There we go!

I expected myself to dread returning home after such a relaxing weekend.  But guys.. I was kind of excited to return to Chapel Hill. I really have a great group of friends who I love and miss. I can’t wait to get back into the Pure Barre studio and I’m looking forward to working on my master’s thesis. I always hate saying goodbye to my family, but I can’t to find out what’s in store for me these next few months. I just feel so refreshed and energized. Bring it on September! This girl is ready :)

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