Sprinkles on My Sunday!

Welcome to the newest segment of my blog! I always use my Sundays to recharge, reflect on the past week and get everything together for my week to come. I think back over the highlights of what made this week special and unique from the one before. I decided why not share my Sunday sprinkles with you? I hope if you have something you are really excited about, that you share it with us!

Sprinkles for this week:

This amazing notebook that Kat designed and ordered just for me from ErinCondren.com!  It's one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. Check it out, it has the name of my blog on there! It's perfect for putting my ideas down for Hannahsplaybook, as well as planning my PureBarre classes! I have already been filling the pages with ideas! 

That is a picture of me and Kat on the back!

I have been pet sitting this week for my best friend Amanda. I LOVE her dog Jackson. You can't beat coming home to this face all week.

He has the most expressive eyes

And last but certainly not least... It's baaaaaaack

Thank you Huffingtonpost.com for this photo

Pumpkin Spice Lattes for everyone!!! There is no denying it anymore, the Fall season is coming! Bring on the changing leaves and those cool mornings perfect for long runs!

Do you guys have any sprinkles to share on your Sunday?

Keep playing!