Australia Party

Good morning! I hope you all are off to a great start this week! Last night I had a fabulous time at my friend Mary’s Australia Party! Mary and I have been close for years. We met at the Student Recreation Center at UNC Chapel Hill and have been really tight ever since! We formed a tight knit foursome of girls who all worked and/or worked out at the SRC all of the time. So we just call ourselves the SRC girls.

Here is a picture of Mary and me, last year the Matchbox 20 concert.

I can’t believe that so very soon, she will be so far away! Mary is moving to Melbourne, Australia in November for work and her doctoratal program in exercise physiology. She will be living there for over three years! I am already saving up my money to visit her, hopefully a year from January I will be over there! But back to the present...

Thank you

The Australia party was fabulous! Her apartment was decorated with pictures of Kangaroos and fun facts about Australia. We had plenty of food and Australian wine (Yellowtail anyone?).

We even had vegemite!!  And I did not like it at all.. It looks like a chocolatey paste, but it is nowhere close to anything like chocolate. It's salty and kind of savory? Maybe yeasty/malty and… just not good. We had plenty of other treats to cleanse my palate :)

My friend Liz (one of the SRC girls) with the vegemite

We played the Australian versions of board games and tried to learn the lingo. But the phrases were super tough! I will need to brush up on the words before I travel out there next year.

Mary trying to help us with the Australian lingo

Our party favors were stationary with an international mailing stamp so we can write to her (no excuses!)

I am so glad I got to see these girls from undergrad again. We have all grown up and gone our separate ways, but we always come back together for those important events! The next big event for this group.. Cayla’s (on the far right) wedding in the Spring! Gosh we are getting old.

Go out and play!