Summer Sunday Sprinkles

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! It has been really sunny and warm these past two days.. like 89 degrees and we are over halfway through September! What's the deal?

Jackson said WHAAATTT??? I couldn't help but post this picture of Amanda's dog. His confused expression always cracks me up.

I admit, it's a little warmer than expected this time of year in Chapel Hill, but I'm not complaining! I'll happily enjoy a few final summer days while I still can! Amanda and I went on a walk around my neighborhood after taking a  Pure Barre class this morning. It was just so nice to stroll down the walkway, stretch our legs and catch up. I had forgotten how therapeutic a long walk can be!

We also walked by the Harris Teeter and guess what we saw...

I'm so excited for Fall!

I'm just settling down for the day to work on my Master's thesis. Time for some coffee in my new favorite mug (one of the sprinkles on my Sunday). My good friend Mary gave this to me as a belated birthday present and I'm excited to break it out.

Mary and I bond over our obsession with Downton Abbey! The season premiere  is still so far away, (January 5th) but hopefully this mug will tide me over until then! Tonight I am going over to Mary's apartment for an "Australia Party". Never heard of one? That's okay.. I think we invented it. Mary is moving to Melbourne, Australia in a couple of months for work and her doctoral program. She had the brilliant idea to throw an "Australia" themed party to celebrate her exciting adventure, and to get everyone together to say goodbye. I'm looking forward to learning about some Australian culture. Has anyone tried vegemite before?

Keep playing!