Pink Heals Tour

As I was walking out of the gym this morning, something out of the ordinary caught my eye in the parking lot. I am accustomed to seeing our Carolina blue fire trucks every now and then, and it’s one of those unique things about Chapel Hill you become desensitized to.

I have never seen a PINK fire truck before!

I saw not one, but 4 large, light pink trucks in a circle, with firemen all dressed in pink! It didn’t stop there, behind the trucks were a pink and white ambulance and a pink police car! Of course I had to check this out. After getting closer to the trucks I noticed that all of them were covered from bumper to bumper with signatures. My first thought was breast cancer awareness, but I wasn’t really all that sure. I asked one of the fire(wo)men dressed in pink what she was up to. She was a really kind woman named Vicki who volunteers for this organization called Pink Heals. It is a national organization that raises awareness and funds for people battling any sort of cancer. The chapters are broken up locally so no money leaves each community. All donations stay local! The trucks travel across the country  and the volunteers visit people battling sickness, to lift their spirits. While on their tour, people are encouraged to sign the trucks in honor of a family member or dear friend fighting any form of illness. All of the pink trucks are donations, and are named by the donors. Each donor has named the trucks in honor of their loved ones who are fighting some form of cancer. This is Elaine pictured above. I signed Elaine in honor of my Aunt Trish who is currently giving it all she has to battle colon cancer.

Today the trucks and Pink Heals team are traveling to visit Sylvia Hatchell our UNC women’s basketball coach. She has been an inspiration to everyone this year as she has been battling, actually I think a better way to put it is: she has been kicking leukemia’s butt, all the while coaching our lady tar heels. Here is an interview of her  just last night as she spoke about her recovery process. For those not as tech savvy, click the word "interview" on the line above that is in blue to see the video.

You can learn about Pink Heals, and make a donation to your local chapter on their website

 and like them on Facebook. (Again click the blue words). Did any of you guys see the trucks today? Sign them if you see them!