Fresh food with friends

Hi everyone! How is your week going so far? I have just had the best day!

I met my friend Ellen for lunch at one of my favorite places in Chapel Hill. Foster’s Market! Errrr.... The Root Cellar! Okay, it’s been called Foster’s Market for years but it has  recently been renamed. It still has the exact same  (delicious) food and the decor hasn't changed, it just has a new name. I know I will be accidentally calling it "Foster’s Market" for quite some time though. Some of their signs in the place still say "Foster’s Market", so I don’t feel too badly about it.


Whatever they want to call it.. I love it

I love this place because it’s really open and airy. The staff are always super nice and upbeat. Also the food is delicious and incredibly fresh. They purchase their produce from local farmers and make everything on location. I just feel great when I eat there! I ordered their “Very Veggie Wrap” It is packed with lettuce, carrots, cucumber tomatoes red peppers and hummus. I was so full and satisfied after.

It was also the perfect studying fuel! After Ellen and I enjoyed our power lunch and catch-up session we stayed for a couple of hours to get some work done. She has tests to study for and I have research to do for my thesis!

My view for the afternoon

If you want to check out the Root Cellar for yourself click here. They also cater! That's all I have for you for today. I am off to a yoga class at Hot Asana! You guys have some fun today!