Pure Barre Training Weekend!

Hi everyone!

I missed you!! I hope your week is going well so far. It’s been a while since my last post, and I am sorry about my delay! It was a crazy time for the holidays, with class work, thesis work, and the studio was buzzing! But there will be no more excuses from me. I won’t let such a long time period pass again without you hearing from me! Here’s what I was up to this weekend...


I took a road trip with my mom to Spartanburg South Carolina for more Pure Barre training! I went to training for the Velcro bands. This is a big deal for Pure Barre classes, because this requires the highest level of training. Only one of our instructors at our two studios is certified to use the bands.. but I will make number 2!


This is what they look like

This is what they look like

My mom and I left Friday afternoon for the trip, it wasn’t too bad. About 3 and a half hours long with only one bathroom break. Our first stop was to our favorite restaurant in Spartanburg. It’s called Cribb’s kitchen. It’s a locally owned place with lots of fresh and delicious food. This was our third trip to Spartanburg for training, and our third trip to Cribb's :D


On Friday nights Cribbs features live and local music. It just makes their food even more enjoyable :D

It was a blue grass band. I didn't recognize any of their songs.. but I really enjoyed the ambience they created. 

It was a blue grass band. I didn't recognize any of their songs.. but I really enjoyed the ambience they created. 


I ordered the jalapeño shrimp wrap and a side salad. The wrap was super hot and spicy. Just the way I like it! 

My mom opted for some of their chowder and fritters. She seemed happy with her selection too. Every time we go, the menu is slightly different. Mom is always good about trying different things on the menu.. I am much more stuck in my ways. Luckily my favorite jalapeño wrap was still there! 

Mom's chowder

Mom's fritters

Mom's fritters

After dinner we went straight to the hotel and called it an early night. I knew I had a long day of training ahead of me! 

Training started at 8am. We started with a full class using the velcro tubes. It was a long hour of intense Pure Barre! But you can be sure I loved every second of it. 

We all look tired after class.

We all look tired after class.

After our class and a snack, we introduced ourselves, and said a little about ourselves. The room was full of Pure Barre studio owners around the East Coast. I was so excited to be surrounded by so many entrepreneurial and successful women! I was also thrilled to find that I was the youngest in the room. It made me feel pretty special :)

Okay so about training: for our training we went over each position with the bands, and the choreography. Our trainer Sarah helped us each get the appropriate form for each position and we practiced hands on corrections for each position as well.  I think by the end of the day I had taken the equivalent to 2 and a half Pure Barre classes.

It was a long day of practicing, adjusting, learning, lifting, toning and burning! My thighs, abdominals and glutes (as we call them your "seat" muscles in Pure Barre) were so sore!! 

Sarah showing us how to adjust a position. 

We finished around 5pm that day. Mom picked me up from the studio and we hit the road! I was back in my apartment before I knew it. What a whirlwind of a weekend! I am already practicing with the velcro bands and am planning on teaching with them this week! I am so, SO excited to start using this new piece of equipment and challenging everyone in my classes with them! 

Look out Pure Barre Durham and Chapel Hill! I've got some fun planned for you! 

Enjoy the rest of your day!