Body Pump Launch

Hi there! How is your day going? Here is what I did this morning! I took a BodyPump class at 02 Fitness!

My gym :)

My gym :)

I have really enjoyed my membership to 02 Fitness. It has a great weight room floor, plenty of cardio machines, and a really large classroom for group fitness classes. 02 carries the licensed fitness classes by Les Mills, the largest fitness licensing company in the world. Have you ever taken a class called "BodyJam", "BodyFlow" or "BodyCombat"? All of these and many more are created by Les Mills. Les Mills is carried in 80 countries, 15,500 health clubs around the world and have over 100,000 instructors! You know it must be pretty good right? 

I fell in love with Bodypump classes when I was in high school. I used to take the 6am classes before school over at the Healthplex in Fayetteville NC (hometown).  I have missed my Bodypump classes!

Here is their website: if you want to learn more about Les Mills! 

Body pump is not your typical weightlifting session. In class  you use a moderate amount of weight on a dumbbell  to perform lifts with an unusually high amount of repetitions. Each class has a playlist pre-made for it with about 12 songs on each playlist. Every song is pretty long though.. maybe 6-8 minutes each (sometimes they feel longer)? With each song you perform exercises targeting a specific muscle group. The first track is a warmup, after there is a song for squats, chest, back, biceps, lunges, triceps, shoulders, abdominals, stretch and a cool down. Body pump is designed to give you a full body workout in an hour, with light cardio (lots of squats) with a focus on strength and endurance building. It is led by an instructor who usually stands at the front of the room, doing most of the workout himself/herself and sometimes walking around to make modifications if someone needs help with form. 

My friend Cory (a coach at Orange Theory Fitness) and I wanted to take Leslie's class this morning. She is a friend of ours and we really wanted to support her and check out the new Body Pump Launch. Basically a Body Pump Launch is the release of new Body Pump choreography and a new playlist. It happens quarterly, so it's a big deal when a gym hosts the new Body Pump Launches! Leslie even dressed up for the occasion. 

Doesn't she look intense?

Doesn't she look intense?

I really loved class! I was happily surprised to find that I could use heavier weights than I used back in high school :)

Cory and Leslie had a great time too :)

Enjoy your day!