Pink Heals Tour

As I was walking out of the gym this morning, something out of the ordinary caught my eye in the parking lot. I am accustomed to seeing our Carolina blue fire trucks every now and then, and it’s one of those unique things about Chapel Hill you become desensitized to.

I have never seen a PINK fire truck before!

I saw not one, but 4 large, light pink trucks in a circle, with firemen all dressed in pink! It didn’t stop there, behind the trucks were a pink and white ambulance and a pink police car! Of course I had to check this out. After getting closer to the trucks I noticed that all of them were covered from bumper to bumper with signatures. My first thought was breast cancer awareness, but I wasn’t really all that sure. I asked one of the fire(wo)men dressed in pink what she was up to. She was a really kind woman named Vicki who volunteers for this organization called Pink Heals. It is a national organization that raises awareness and funds for people battling any sort of cancer. The chapters are broken up locally so no money leaves each community. All donations stay local! The trucks travel across the country  and the volunteers visit people battling sickness, to lift their spirits. While on their tour, people are encouraged to sign the trucks in honor of a family member or dear friend fighting any form of illness. All of the pink trucks are donations, and are named by the donors. Each donor has named the trucks in honor of their loved ones who are fighting some form of cancer. This is Elaine pictured above. I signed Elaine in honor of my Aunt Trish who is currently giving it all she has to battle colon cancer.

Today the trucks and Pink Heals team are traveling to visit Sylvia Hatchell our UNC women’s basketball coach. She has been an inspiration to everyone this year as she has been battling, actually I think a better way to put it is: she has been kicking leukemia’s butt, all the while coaching our lady tar heels. Here is an interview of her  just last night as she spoke about her recovery process. For those not as tech savvy, click the word "interview" on the line above that is in blue to see the video.

You can learn about Pink Heals, and make a donation to your local chapter on their website

 and like them on Facebook. (Again click the blue words). Did any of you guys see the trucks today? Sign them if you see them!




Australia Party

Good morning! I hope you all are off to a great start this week! Last night I had a fabulous time at my friend Mary’s Australia Party! Mary and I have been close for years. We met at the Student Recreation Center at UNC Chapel Hill and have been really tight ever since! We formed a tight knit foursome of girls who all worked and/or worked out at the SRC all of the time. So we just call ourselves the SRC girls.

Here is a picture of Mary and me, last year the Matchbox 20 concert.

I can’t believe that so very soon, she will be so far away! Mary is moving to Melbourne, Australia in November for work and her doctoratal program in exercise physiology. She will be living there for over three years! I am already saving up my money to visit her, hopefully a year from January I will be over there! But back to the present...

Thank you

The Australia party was fabulous! Her apartment was decorated with pictures of Kangaroos and fun facts about Australia. We had plenty of food and Australian wine (Yellowtail anyone?).

We even had vegemite!!  And I did not like it at all.. It looks like a chocolatey paste, but it is nowhere close to anything like chocolate. It's salty and kind of savory? Maybe yeasty/malty and… just not good. We had plenty of other treats to cleanse my palate :)

My friend Liz (one of the SRC girls) with the vegemite

We played the Australian versions of board games and tried to learn the lingo. But the phrases were super tough! I will need to brush up on the words before I travel out there next year.

Mary trying to help us with the Australian lingo

Our party favors were stationary with an international mailing stamp so we can write to her (no excuses!)

I am so glad I got to see these girls from undergrad again. We have all grown up and gone our separate ways, but we always come back together for those important events! The next big event for this group.. Cayla’s (on the far right) wedding in the Spring! Gosh we are getting old.

Go out and play!


Summer Sunday Sprinkles

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! It has been really sunny and warm these past two days.. like 89 degrees and we are over halfway through September! What's the deal?

Jackson said WHAAATTT??? I couldn't help but post this picture of Amanda's dog. His confused expression always cracks me up.

I admit, it's a little warmer than expected this time of year in Chapel Hill, but I'm not complaining! I'll happily enjoy a few final summer days while I still can! Amanda and I went on a walk around my neighborhood after taking a  Pure Barre class this morning. It was just so nice to stroll down the walkway, stretch our legs and catch up. I had forgotten how therapeutic a long walk can be!

We also walked by the Harris Teeter and guess what we saw...

I'm so excited for Fall!

I'm just settling down for the day to work on my Master's thesis. Time for some coffee in my new favorite mug (one of the sprinkles on my Sunday). My good friend Mary gave this to me as a belated birthday present and I'm excited to break it out.

Mary and I bond over our obsession with Downton Abbey! The season premiere  is still so far away, (January 5th) but hopefully this mug will tide me over until then! Tonight I am going over to Mary's apartment for an "Australia Party". Never heard of one? That's okay.. I think we invented it. Mary is moving to Melbourne, Australia in a couple of months for work and her doctoral program. She had the brilliant idea to throw an "Australia" themed party to celebrate her exciting adventure, and to get everyone together to say goodbye. I'm looking forward to learning about some Australian culture. Has anyone tried vegemite before?

Keep playing!


Sprinkles on My Sunday!

Welcome to the newest segment of my blog! I always use my Sundays to recharge, reflect on the past week and get everything together for my week to come. I think back over the highlights of what made this week special and unique from the one before. I decided why not share my Sunday sprinkles with you? I hope if you have something you are really excited about, that you share it with us!

Sprinkles for this week:

This amazing notebook that Kat designed and ordered just for me from!  It's one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. Check it out, it has the name of my blog on there! It's perfect for putting my ideas down for Hannahsplaybook, as well as planning my PureBarre classes! I have already been filling the pages with ideas! 

That is a picture of me and Kat on the back!

I have been pet sitting this week for my best friend Amanda. I LOVE her dog Jackson. You can't beat coming home to this face all week.

He has the most expressive eyes

And last but certainly not least... It's baaaaaaack

Thank you for this photo

Pumpkin Spice Lattes for everyone!!! There is no denying it anymore, the Fall season is coming! Bring on the changing leaves and those cool mornings perfect for long runs!

Do you guys have any sprinkles to share on your Sunday?

Keep playing!



Hannah Bedelia

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great week! It has been a busy one for me! To help some of my friends, and make some additional cash, I have started a little side business of house-sitting, pet sitting and babysitting! This week I have been really busy doing a little of all of the above. For the past couple of nights I have been staying at a friend's house to house sit and cat sit.

Along with taking care of her cats I just do the small everyday tasks such as pulling up the trash cans, and checking their voice mails etc. It has been so much fun have some furry friends to come home to.

Meet Phoebe!

I also babysat just this afternoon. I watched Heather’s beautiful daughter Caroline. Caroline has never had a babysitter before. Heather and I were worried about how she would react when she realized her mom was gone.. but she was fine!

We made some arts and crafts, and had a delicious and nutritious lunch together of whole wheat pasta, string cheese and cherry tomatoes (her favorite).

We also watched the Magic School Bus! I forgot how great of a show that is!

After returning back to my kitties and finishing a couple more tasks for the home I couldn’t help but feel a little like Amelia Bedelia.

You guys remember her?

I am enjoying living in a temporary home and taking care of my temporary pets but I have to admit I am a little exhausted and grateful that that all of this is temporary. I didn’t realize how incredibly independent and responsibility free I really am. I am looking forward to the chapter of my life when I have pets to come home to, a house that has a big trashcan and recycling bin, and a driveway to roll the bins up. Hopefully I will have a daughter to care for some ways down the road as time soon though! For now I am grateful I can play with my friends' pets and children. Just call me Hannah Bedelia for now :) Which reminds me.. I need to cook more often! Recipes are soon to come on Hannahsplaybook!

You guys have fun this weekend!


Girls in White Dresses, with White Satin Sashes

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great Sunday! I attended something really special this weekend. I went to the 88th annual North Carolina State debutante ball!

My sister Maggie (or Margaret Elizabeth Fleishman) as she was called this weekend made her “debut” at the ball. Now I know that for some this whole thing may sound foreign and kind of strange… let me back up a little.

The State Debutante Balls are held annually, and are very traditional. They signify the ladies' introductions to society. The men still wear coattails, and both the men and ladies wear white gloves the whole time. I felt like I was in an episode of Downton Abbey!


Each debutante has at least two “Marshals” who are expected to accompany her to all of the events for the duration of the weekend. Maggie’s Chief Marshal was my dad and her Marshal was Spencer, a family friend of ours I have known since I was 16.

Spencer and I had a lot of down time since we weren't really key players this weekend. We just hung out.. and took random pictures in front of really nice cars :)

Spencer and I had a lot of down time since we weren't really key players this weekend. We just hung out.. and took random pictures in front of really nice cars :)

Another interesting part of the tradition is the “deb stool”. All of the girls have a stool custom made for them by their parents. It is decorated to show their individual personalities. They are made for the girls (ahem young ladies) to sit on while they wait backstage until they are announced. All of the young ladies also each receive a bouquet of red roses!

Despite how strange some of these traditions may sound, the ball is a weekend full of parties and special luncheons organized by the Terpsichorean Club to honor the debs.

The secret society behind it all

For me, it was a reason to dress up and see my family :)

Especially this girl

I hope you had some fun this weekend!

Keep Playing,


Bring it on, September

A very Happy Labor Day Weekend to you! I hope you all had a fabulous extra day to your weekend!

I just got back from a trip to the beach! My family has a little condo on Ocean Drive and I try to go down there as much as I can in the summer. I was really excited to get some sunshine! My aunt, uncle and cousins from Charlotte were all down for vacation too and I am so glad I got to see them for a catch up. We all went to my favorite restaurant on Ocean Drive.. Hoskins! A locally owned fresh seafood restaurant. You just can’t beat their cold boiled shrimp!

It hasn't changed a bit since it opened in 1948

I kicked off Saturday morning with a run on the beach. To the Cherry Grove Pier and back is about 5 miles. It is always just the perfect distance, and most beautiful run when the sun is coming up.

Just a snap of the beach entrance


After a quick shower and breakfast, we took the boat out on the waterway. It was incredibly sunny and there is just something about cruising around with the family, with country music playing. It just feels like summer.

Some of the family on the beach

On our last day I woke up early to take one last walk on the beach, and mom and I enjoyed a bike ride around the neighborhood.

There we go!

I expected myself to dread returning home after such a relaxing weekend.  But guys.. I was kind of excited to return to Chapel Hill. I really have a great group of friends who I love and miss. I can’t wait to get back into the Pure Barre studio and I’m looking forward to working on my master’s thesis. I always hate saying goodbye to my family, but I can’t to find out what’s in store for me these next few months. I just feel so refreshed and energized. Bring it on September! This girl is ready :)

Keep playing,



The Best Birthday

I can confidently say that I had the best birthday I have ever had. What made this one so special? I spent it the way I wanted to! I started my morning by teaching a couple of Pure Barre classes. Which is just about the best way for me to start any morning. Everyone is so positive and happy there. Some of the ladies knew it was my birthday and wouldn't let me begin the class until they all sang me Happy Birthday. After class I took a quick trip to Starbucks to get my free birthday beverage of choice (cinnamon dolce latte please) before changing into some neon colored clothes and sweeping my hair into a side pony tail. Why you may ask?

I had an 80's themed Pure Barre birthday party! My closest Pure Barre friends and I all got together and just had a ball "lifting toning and burning" to some Madonna jams.

Action shot!

My friend Kat really just went all out for my birthday. She decorated the studio with streamers, and balloons to make everything super festive. My friend Marissa led the class kept us smiling and motivated despite the tough workout. After class the party continued from the ballet barre to a real bar.

Kat made Sangrias for everyone and just made everything so festive!

Yes please! I will post her recipe soon!

My cousin Annie really put the cherry on top of my birthday by surprising me with a watermelon birthday cake! Yes.. she made me a birthday cake out of an actual watermelon!

Seeing is believing. My cousin is amazing!

So what made this birthday so different from all of my others? I celebrated it my way. I stepped outside of the stereotypical box of what a birthday should be.. of what a birthday party should look like and had one that reflects my healthy and active lifestyle. I spent the day with my best friends doing what I am most passionate about. It was a reflection of me.. and I think that's something worth celebrating.


A huge thank you to all of my friends and family who made me feel so special on my big day! I love you all more than I can say.

Keep playing!


Little Debbies

I drove home last night for a deb party! What is a “deb” you may ask? So happy to tell you! According to Meriam Webster’s dictionary: it is a “noun \ˈde-byu̇-ˌtänt\  a young upper-class woman who has begun going to special parties where she will meet and be seen by other people from the upper class”. My sister Maggie is a North Carolina State Debutante, making her “debeut” in September at the North Carolina State Debutante Ball. Yes…a Ball. If a picture of Cinderella and Prince Charming swinging around the dance floor just popped into your mind.. you are really not too far off!

It really does have full length ball gowns, white gloves, pearls and many Prince Charmings with coat tails.

It really does have full length ball gowns, white gloves, pearls and many Prince Charmings with coat tails.

Here are some pictures from my debutante debut 4 years ago.

Cinderlla like enough? The debutante tradition started in In 1748, when the colonial families held "dancing assemblies" also known as cotillions. It was the opportunity for young women from prominent families to be presented to society as “women” and they are now eligible for “courting”. It all sounds so old world.. but what it really means for the modern debs is that we are now considered “women” and that we get to dress up and attend a bunch of fun parties and a ball in our honor! The ball is in September and I promise full coverage on it! This event was just a small local party to celebrate the Fayetteville Debs. It is one of the many parties throughout the state that debs are invited to during the season leading up to the ball.

It was a beautiful night!

Plenty of dancing

Plenty of dancing

Yes that is a debutante cake.. made of cupcakes!!

All smiles! Who doesn't love a reason to get dressed up, show up and live it up!? I'm not one to turn down an opportunity to throw on a bright dress and dance the night away! But these parties are much more than a celebration for the debutantes. They celebrate the families and the community that raised them. All generations were there to support these girls and toast their promising futures.  I am so happy to see them growing up, and into beautiful women.. especially my best friend and beautiful sister Maggie.

The Fleishman women above. Maggie and Dad tearing up the dance floor below!

Not bad for a Thursday Night ;) Have a great weekend!

10 Rules

Have you ever thought about writing your own 10 personal rules? It may sound like a strange concept, but consider it. Could you think of 10 guidelines that would lead you to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life? If you could give yourself any 10 rules to live by what would they be?

These past few months have been full of transitions for me. I have finished the chapter of my life in classrooms with tests and essays. I now have the ability to choose my work hours.. to choose what I do and when I do it. I can decide what I devote my energy and time to. I feel like I am embarking on the next chapter of my life with so many more choices than I am used to. This is all so very exciting.. but very scary! While stepping into this uncertainty, I am craving something solid.. some sort of foundation. Of course this makes me question, what is my foundation? What is at my core?

Some of my friends have an encouraging quote or mantra written on their bathroom mirror for them to see every day. I want to create something with my 10 rules to hang in my room to serve as a reminder. Think of it as a personal compass. If I ever face a difficult decision, I know that I can turn to these foundational rules. Here is what I have so far:

1) Be kind to others and to yourself

2) View everything as a learning opportunity

3) Focus on what you want, ignore what you don’t want

4) Always find something to be grateful for

5) Laugh as much as you can

6) Eat at least one fresh fruit or vegetable every day

7) Get out in nature as often as you can

8) Try something new each week

9) It’s okay to be eccentric

What do you guys think so far? I need a 10th rule and could really use your input! Do you have some personal rules? Any mantras you can share?

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Happy 600th class Laura!!!

Today was a very special day at the Pure Barre studio. This morning, at 6am (yes that’s right, 6am) we celebrated the completion of one of my dear friend’s 600th Pure Barre class! More to come about what Pure Barre is all about (bare with me here as I develop Hannahsplaybook!) At PureBarre studios, we celebrate a student’s 100th class with an awesome pair of 100 Club Pure Barre Sticky socks and sticker.

PB socks look like this!

PB socks look like this!

But not many have approached anywhere close to 600 classes!

Laura has been an incredibly loyal and dedicated PureBarrista since 2011, but we never wondered how many classes she has completed over the years.  My friend and fellow Pure Barre instructor Kat, noticed on the computer one day that Laura was approaching her 600th class. That’s right, 600 hours at the Barre. That’s 25 full days! We decided we should do something to celebrate such an achievement! Kat sent e-mails to our friends and made sure we could all plan to attend Laura's 600th class. At the completion of class this morning, we surprised her with flowers and a Pure Barre bag of goodies! She had no idea it was her 600th class!

Kat with the flowers!

Kat with the flowers!

After our final stretches we cheered and congratulated her on this huge achievement. What a great way to start off a day!  Laura is very athletic and driven, but something about Pure Barre must really resonate with her, for her to devote so much time to it. We asked Laura about her favorite part of Pure Barre, she answered, “The positive, friendly energetic 6am peeps. It’s wonderful to be around high-energy folks. I’ll miss a class; the day just doesn’t feel the same. If a 6 am regular misses a few classes we start to worry and send an e-mail!”.

Her response made me think.. what brings me to continuously return to the barre? Yes I love the work out, but it really is for the atmosphere, the people and most importantly the relationships I have found in our studio. I have had the most rewarding experience teaching PureBarre. Through the studio, we teachers and students together have built our own community of strong women. We hold each other accountable and encourage each other to repeatedly show up, “Lift Tone and Burn” and accomplish our goals. I am so honored to be a part of this community and I don’t know what I would do without it.

 A mixture of Laura’s willpower, and love of  this community gave her the stamina to spend almost an entire month taking Pure Barre. I haven’t taken so many classes yet, but I know that with this group, I can achieve just about anything. Thanks to PureBarre I am stronger in so many ways.

                                                                              Congratulations Laura!!!

                                                                              Congratulations Laura!!!

Hot Yoga at Hot Asana

Today I took a class at one of Durham’s newest yoga studios called Hot Asana! I know right, ingenious name. Man when they say “Hot” yoga they are not fooling around over there! The studio was heated to 108 degrees and of course the temperature increases when you have a bunch of people moving around into sun salutations and body binds. My instructor’s name was Keegan and she is AMAZING! On top of teaching yoga, she is a phenomenal singer. She serenaded us during Savasana (corpse pose at the end of class when you just lay there and potentially take a mini nap). During this savasana period I was also given a cold washcloth towel, scented with lavender, to drape over my face and a staff member came around and gave each participant a mini-neck massage. I started to feel like I was in a spa!


Some people are super into hot yoga, others hate it, and many of my friends have never tried it. All Yoga studios and instructors can be very different and I encourage you to try more than one before you judge too harshly! Personally, I am not a big hot yoga person. I prefer a normal temperature for my practice. I can see the allure though. There is something very cathartic to a heavy sweat like that. It can really put you into a different state of mind, and I think it pushes me mentally to block out the heat and persevere through the practice. I have to admit, I felt really great after class. I think that during the winter months, I will visit Hot Asana more often. It could be the perfect little pocket of warmth I am looking for during those cold and dreary days…


A couple of final thoughts on Hot Yoga:


2)   Don’t make plans for the hour following your class. You are going to want to take a shower right after.. trust me

3)   Just have fun and try it once!

Check out the studio for yourself!


Let me know what you guys think.. any thoughts on Hot Yoga? Any recommendations of another studio I should try in the triangle? Have a great day everyone!!

This is a picture of me and my friends from Lululemon Athletica at the Hot Asana Studio! Note: this was BEFORE class. You don't want to see how we looked after ;)


Today I accomplished one of my long runs! I am training for the Tar Heel 10-miler road race on April 26th! is the link in case you want to sign up to run with me :) The race is in 3 weeks and I am very excited! It has been a year since my last road race, and I can’t wait to get back out there! I got up to 10 miles today, but at a slower pace (about 9 minute miles). It was a really warm day, and the thin layer of pollen everywhere really dehydrated me.

 For my marathon runners, I know that 10 miles isn’t THAT long.. but for me it was a really great accomplishment! I really enjoy my long runs. I had no running loop in mind for today. I just laced up and left. I ran all around campus just enjoying the beautiful North Carolina April weather. I ran past the Bell Tower, the Old Well, and all of the students going to and from their dorms to who knows where. My mind just wandered, as did my feet for 10 miles. I  had my Garmin GPS running  watch and figured I would stop when I wanted to. It was the most therapeutic thing I could have done on a Saturday afternoon. I ran through the arboretum (small garden like area on campus) and I honestly had to stop in my tracks for a second to take this picture.

This was taken on my phone with no filter nor altering of any kind!

I can’t believe how beautiful this place is!! My run reminded me of how lucky I am to live in Chapel Hill. After finishing my run, I walked in the door of my apartment, sweating and grinning from ear to ear. I am not sure if it’s the "runner’s high" or just a “Chapel Hill” high I am on right now.. but no matter what it is, I am loving it.

You all have some fun this weekend!


My First Post 4/4/14

Confession time: I am nervous! This is my first blog entry EVER. I am so excited to be taking this step! I have considered beginning a blog for years, but have always been intimidated by the idea it. I am definitely not the most tech-savvy and I have no background whatsoever in photography, nor journalism (unless high-school yearbook staff counts?). With all of that being said, I know what I know, and I love what I love. I want to share the joys of my life with you! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my entries. I create this blog in the hopes that it can serve as some sort of support, entertainment or inspiration for someone. If I can spark an idea for you, show you a different way of thinking, a new breakfast dish or work-out then I have accomplished what I set out to do. Please leave comments, and please let me know what you think! Special thanks for the encouragement from my mother, Sharon Fleishman, and all of the guidance from my cousin Annie Francheschi. Without them, none of this would have been possible.