DITL (Day in the Life) and Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I honestly can't believe that it’s already 2018! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanuakkah, Kwanza, all of them or none of them; I hope December has been good to you! I know it’s a little cheesy: but I really do use the last week in December to set new goals (I won’t use the word resolution) for the new year. I do it twice a year.. once in January and once in August. I think it’s important to re-focus and reflect at least every six months to evaluate what is working for you, and what isn’t.. what you’d like to improve on or what you want to prioritize. I’ve made six new goals this year and they are the following:

1) Take more yoga classes! At least one class a week

2) Take Indy on runs around the neighborhood (she is finally old enough). At least one run a week

3) Push myself out of my comfort zone by trying new fitness classes (once a month minimum)

4) Meditate at least once a week (additional to the mini-meditation you get in yoga class)

5) Read at least one book a month

6) Post at least once a week on my blog!

Some of these will be harder than others to accomplish, but the one I am most excited about is my blog post goal… Even if I only have 4 people reading this blog; and one of them is my mom I don’t care! I just hope that maybe it helps one person in even one way. Then I’ll be happy!

It’s been a wonderful New Years Day! I was able to sleep in this morning, and had extra cuddle time with Indy (my 10 month old goldendoodle). Alex and I actually have two dogs in the house right now.. We are watching Alex’s sister’s dog (Rocky) until early February. He is two years old, 70 pounds and much better behaved than Indy. We both hope she will learn from him.

I drove to the Pure Barre studio at 11 am to meet with some of our instrcutors. Every quarter Pure Barre releases new choreography for our classes. It’s fun to get together and practice the new stuff! I drove home after to check on the pups, then met my friends Lara and Leighanna for a Cycle Bar (cycle) class. I’ll have an additional post later about CycleBar! To be honest; I’m not the best at cycling. Cycle Bar is one of those cycle classes where your stats are up on a screen the whole time, and you are encouraged to race against everyone in the class. I am ALWAYS at the bottom of the rankings: sometimes finishing in last place, or second to last. I don’t let it discourage me though. It’s definitely good motivation every class. I was home by 5:30, and showered (necessary!) before having dinner with Alex at Brixx! I love their pizza because they have dairy free cheese, it’s always fresh and delicious :D

You can make all of their pizzas dairy free. Just ask for the dairy free cheese! 

You can make all of their pizzas dairy free. Just ask for the dairy free cheese! 

That night I continued to plan things for my New Year. I really enjoy weightlifting, and I’ve recently fallen out of my routine the past couple of months. With the holidays and all of the additional time commitments that come with them; I really didn’t prioritize my workouts (or frankly myself) during the month of December. I knew it would happen. It almost always does. So I wrote out a workout schedule for me to follow weekly that will go in my new planner! If I write every workout in my planner (as part of my schedule like any other appointment) I’ll make it happen. I watched a little television with Alex, walked the pups one more time and called it a night. What a refreshing start to the new year!

Comment below what your goals are for the new year!