Year Long Challenge

Oh hi!

How is your holiday season? It’s been a while, and that’s all my fault! To be honest with you: I’ve been struggling! Not just in making time to blog, but struggling to respond to my text messages, struggling to keep my house in any sort of order and worst of all: struggling to stay motivated in the gym…Yes: I am a personal trainer, certified to teach you how to lift weights and perform all sorts of movements to make you stronger and I’m not doing really any of them myself. Embarrassing but totally true. It’s been such a weird few months moving to Asheville! I really want to shake things up and challenge myself in new ways this year, as well make MY fitness training a priority again.

Instead of a “New Year’s Resolution” I am going to start a year long (personal) challenge to keep my mind and body guessing. For the next 12 months I want to try a different kind of workout (method etc) consistently, for 8 weeks per training method. I’ll try exercise programs prevalent enough that you can most likely take advantage of this method as well even if you don’t live in North Carolina (cycle, boot camp, crossfit, running, Megaformer, a fitness app etc.)

 For any new challenge and program: you usually see results by the end of the first month and really have measurable change by the 8 week mark.. So let’s see what happens at the end of each training period!  I also plan to take and update my body stats (body composition) for those interested. I’ll report to you how I feel throughout the 2 month periods, describe the classes, report any differences I can feel, who this format may be good for, and for those it may not serve as well. 

F45  is on the list!

F45 is on the list!

So, why do this? Tons of reasons! The main one: this embodies the concept of H & Arrow! An arrow signifies that you can’t go forward (stronger and faster) without pulling yourself “back” first. I think it’s time to pull myself back (by challenging myself physically) to see how much stronger and faster I can fly. Second big reason: I am NEW to Asheville. I want to visit all of the local studios here, introduce myself and support all of the other amazing (and incredible and welcoming) small business owners here. Third: it sounds like fun to me and it makes me excited to think about <3

Excited to try  Madabolic!

Excited to try Madabolic!

Note: I will still continue to take 2-3 pure barre classes a week regardless. Barre is my baseline. I’ve been taking it (consistently) for 6 years and I love what it does for my balance and posture. The studio is my HOME and I couldn't stay away if I tried. Also a personal goal of mine is to create the perfect cross training program for myself and for others who enjoy pure barre classes. I want to know what it feels like if I mix barre with crossfit.. barre with cycle etc.. I’ll take what I love, leave what I don’t and see if I can create the perfect exercise program for me (and others as well!) Consider it research and development :)

 I am starting in January! If you want to try this with me I say go for it! It doesn’t have to be for 12 months, and you don’t have to start January either. Make it work for you. Message me and I can help you design a similar program for the city you live in, and for your schedule.

Do you have any New Years resolutions or goals? Is there any way I can help you? Also! Comment below: what do you think I should try first?

You’ve got this!