The Craziest Month and DITL 5/29/18

Okay, so I’m freaking out just a little bit.. Within the next 32 days I will teach my last class at Pure Barre Chapel Hill, my fiancé Alex will graduate from his residency program (UNC OMFS), we will move into our new home in Asheville (NC), we will film for a national television show (House Hunters), I’ll take the first steps in planning a wedding, AND I will be sharing with you a project I’ve been working on for months (so excited to share, but it isn’t QUITE ready yet!). 

Of course I still plan to keep my blog posts rolling with current event topics, new recipes and classes I try! But for this next month I think it will be worthwhile to post as many days as I can to share my progress on everything happening right now. Sharing with you my day to day routine will also hold me accountable to my fitness and health goals. Like most of us: when my schedule gets busy and/or stressful, it’s my sleep, workouts, and/or diet that suffers. You guys will hold me accountable! So my blog posts will take a more personal turn for the next month.. please comment on my posts or direct message me with any questions and feedback. Maybe you will enjoy getting more of a “slice of my life” or maybe the more content focused pieces are of more value to you. I’d like to hear your thoughts!

I know I’m going to look back on this month and wonder how it all fit into 32 days! It's going to be a blur. I’ll turn around and it’ll all be over. I’m grateful I’ll have these posts to look back on, and hopefully they are entertaining for you too!

So here’s my first entry: 5/29/18

I woke up at 6am (pretty typical) to Indy whimpering, ready to go out for her walk. I said goodbye to Alex (leaving for the hospital at 6:15 AM) grabbed a protein shake (Evolve), shook it up, put a straw in it and harnessed Indy up for her walk.  We did our usual 1 mile trek up to Weaver Street and back. Once home I made my favorite dish for breakfast. I don’t usually have slow mornings to enjoy my breakfast, so when I do this is what I make: plain oatmeal with added granola, raw mixed nuts, shelled hemp seeds and bananas. I don’t measure anything out.. it’s just how ever much I feel of each ingredient. Sometimes I’ll add some almond butter or sunflower butter! 

It ends up looking something like this every time :)

It ends up looking something like this every time :)

I spent hours on my laptop working on my website (this one), communicating with our realtor on house details (getting the keys to our house), e-mailing East Coast Entertainment for information about a wedding band I would like to book, re-scheduling my teeth cleaning appointment with my dentist for a couple of weeks from now (who has time for that this week?), writing out my class for this afternoon (Pure Barre), writing and sending a check to our landlord (last rent check ever!) etc. I took Indy on walk number two at 9 am (another trek to Weaver Street) before having a snack of instant brown rice and teriyaki tofu. I laced up my shoes again to meet my friend and fellow personal trainer Lauren at Fit on Main. I started working with Lauren back in Decemember. She created a hypertrophy training plan for me and has been helping me on my squat and deadlift form. Because I’m focusing on gaining more muscle mass right now I’m lifting weights 5 days a week, and working with Lauren about once every other week for check ins. Today’s workout was for chest, shoulders and triceps. 

Workout included the following exercises: Barbell Incline Bench Press, Dumbell Front Raise, Standing Cable Tricep Push down, 90 degree Dumbell Lateral Raise, Dumbell Bench Press, Dumbell Pull Over, Dumbell External Rotation and Overhead Tricep Extension. For each exercise I perform 4 sets and 8 reps. The workouts are long and a little grueling, but I’m getting great results! I’ve realized a good workout playlist makes a big difference for me. 

I was really hungry after our session and heated up some lentil chili with sweet potatoes,


a Cliff builders bar (chocolate), and a small bowl of granola (Purely Elizabeth is my favorite).  I took Indy on walk #3 before putting her in the car for her vet appointment.  Just a quick one for her to get an updated bordetella vaccine. I dropped her off at home before driving to the Pure Barre studio for my 4:15pm class. I can’t believe tomorrow if my last day! Class went well, and I stayed to take the 5:30PM class.

Alex had to work late tonight so it was just Indy and me for dinner. I stopped by CHOPT on the way home. I usually just do a "build your own" and get all of my favorite things in it. Tonight it had lettuce, tofu, hummus, quinoa, cauliflower rice, carmelized onions, cashews, peppers, mushrooms, Brussel sprouts, and falafel. Sorry I didn't take a picture of it.. but wasn't anything pretty. 

I took Indy on walk number 4 and had a banana and kombucha for dessert while typing up this post and watching an old episode House. Long day! I've managed to walk 4 miles with Indy, complete a strength training workout, teach a pure barre class and take a pure barre class. I'll sleep well tonight! More updates tomorrow!