DITL 6/11/18: Checking boxes and filling boxes

My time in Chapel Hill is really winding down! I was up by 6:45 AM (slept in a bit!) to take Indy on a little run before it got too hot. By 7:30 AM it was already pushing 77 degrees and the humidity is unbearable here! After our usual two miles I dropped her off at home before I ran 2 more. A solid 4 miles felt good today, and it’s all I can handle in this heat!

I had large Jazz apple before our run, and after it I made toast with sunflower seed butter, a sliced banana and a sprinkle of mixed nuts.


I showered and then continued listening to “When Life Gives You Lululemons” on my audible app while loading more moving boxes. Packing is such a workout! I'm just glad I can space it out. I can't imagine packing non-stop for a day. 

Around 10AM I had a bowl of Angie’s pop corn and a protein shake before getting started on more "to do" items. They included: scheduling "shut-offs" for utilites, e-mailing our current landlord about our intended move-out date, e-mailing with the House Hunters producer about our next scheduled block of filming, and looking into hotels in Asheville. I need to start reserving some "blocks" of hotel rooms for the big day! 

I took Indy out for a second (shorter) walk before driving to Durham. I met my friend (and Pure Barre manager) Kristen for lunch at one of my favorite places, Happy and Hale! I love their avocado toast, and needed a protein boost so I ordered their toast with extra tofu on top. 

Toast with avocado mash, capers and tofu

Toast with avocado mash, capers and tofu

On my way home I stopped by the grocery store to stock up the fridge and picked up a cliff Builders bar for a snack. I worked on my laptop for a couple of hours before driving up to Weaver Street to pick up something for dinner from their hot bar. They always have amazing fresh and seasoned veggies! 


Alex and was home shortly after dinner. We walked Indy around the neighborhood for her final loop of the day together.  I'm propped up in bed; relaxed and feeling productive! Less that 2 weeks left in Chapel Hill! I'm just doing my best to soak it in :) Until next time!