DITL 6/4/18: house hunters, wedding venues and wal-mart

What a weekend! Alex, Indy and I got home from Asheville a little before midnight last night. I’m exhausted but really excited at the same time. Filming for House Hunters is SO much fun! I can’t talk about the filming process very much.. but I can tell you some details about our weekend at least!

Saturday morning Alex and I woke up at 4 AM to finish packing, shower and hit the road for Asheville as early as possible. We met our producer in downtown Asheville by 11. The film crew put mics on us immediately and we hit the ground running. It took a little while to feel natural in front of the camera, but they had us doing fun activities around downtown so Alex and I enjoyed it. We took a break for lunch at Red Ginger (awesome Dim Sum restaurant), and filmed until 8:30 PM that night. Once we finished for the day we realized we had NOTHING in our house (not even a roll of paper towels) so we stopped by Wal-Mart on our way home. We picked up some soda waters, a broom, paper towels, paper plates and plastic cutlery along with 2 frozen pizzas. We weren’t home, eating dinner until 10:30 at night. I was so tired I could hardly eat, and I burned Alex’s pizza so badly the bottom was black and rock solid, and he had to just scrape off the toppings..(he must really love me).  We fell asleep on our air mattress (no furniture in our house) watching a television show on Alex’s phone (no wifi, no TV etc). It was a very memorable first night in our new home!

We were up and back at it by 9:30 AM on Sunday. We had a delicious lunch from a place called The Walk (in West Asheville). I had their tempeh avocado melt (sans cheese) and Alex had their burrito salad. Alex and I agree we are going to make that one of our usual hangouts once we move. We finished filming around 7PM, and on our way out of town we stopped by The Ridge (a wedding venue in Asheville). I have been seriously considering it for my wedding venue, and I wanted to see it in person, (see how it felt) before booking it (and putting down any deposit money). The Mountain View out there is stunning!

Photo credit: The Ridge Asheville website

Photo credit: The Ridge Asheville website

The owner greeted us with glasses of champagne, and she answered all of my questions. I’ll look at their proposal this week, and most likely will be booking the it by next week! Alex and I didn’t make it home until 11:45PM last night. We took Indy on a little walk, then collapsed into bed. 

Today has been a sleepy blur, but I got a few things accomplished. I made it to the gym for a workout, ran 2 miles with Indy, went grocery shopping, picked up 10 cardboard boxes for moving, assembled them and filled a couple of them, and ran a load of laundry. I'm wiped! Tomorrow I’ll be driving BACK to Asheville to bring my first load of boxes to the house.  I’m excited to take a class at the Pure Barre Asheville studio Wednesday morning and meet Flavia (the studio owner) for lunch. I can’t wait to start teaching over there!