our weekend with house hunters

We made it to Asheville! Almost all of our belongings are still in boxes, but we made it! Our house is beautiful and I can't wait to make it our home. 

We had 1 day in Asheville to unpack as much as we could before we started filming again for House Hunters. We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday wrapping up our show! I can't go into detail about their filming process, and I won't give away which house we choose, but I can at least show you some pictures and tell you about our weekend.

Aside from Alex and I touring the three houses, Alex and I did a lot of awesome activities around Asheville to showcase the city and show our personalities and interests. On Friday we went Canoeing at the Asheville Outdoor Center. If you are interested in renting a canoe or kayak in Asheville, I definitely encourage you check them out.

Yes.. it feels really weird to have people following you around with cameras!

Yes.. it feels really weird to have people following you around with cameras!


Not only do they have any sort of paddle boat you'd want, they also have a breezy locally owned bar where you can relax and stretch out after. They were really excited to have us for the show. They were incredibly accommodating and stayed open late for us. They  gave us free drinks and recommendations for local restaurants for us to try.  


Alex's sister, Liz, stayed with us over the weekend and she brought her goldendoodle (Indy's best friend) Rocky. They love each other! After filming on Friday we took the pups to New Belgium Brewing Company for some beer (cider for me) and fresh air!

IMG_8997 (1).JPG

Saturday was more of the same. We toured one of the potential houses. I can't really give any details about these photos, but I can post them at least. 


So it was a busy, and incredible weekend! I can't believe all that Alex and I have managed to do in a month! Our priority now is to unpack, and get ready for work. Alex starts this week, and I am working on a very big project I'll be able to share with everyone in just a couple more weeks! Stay tuned. More fun to come I promise! 

Have the best Sunday!