Body Composition Testing

Hi there!

 It’s been longer than I’d like since my last post. The weeks are flying by and I need to catch you up on everything I’m working on! On the first day of my Scorch/Pure Barre cross training challenge I visited Dr. Reena Newton at Get 2 Know Your Body for body composition testing and analysis. It’s really important to get measurements like these as opposed to just stepping on a scale because measuring body weight can be misleading when used as an indicator of health. When I measure the distribution and percentage of body fat and muscle, as well as body water balance, it tells me a lot more about my body’s health and strength. This test will help me measure how the different exercise formats are affecting my body.

Have you seen anything like this before? 


This is an Inbody570, and it’s incredible! Dr. Newton uses this device to accurately and quickly measure body composition. The following information is from her website: When you step on this machine: safe low level currents are sent through your body via hand and foot electrodes. The current travels throughout your body and encounters the different cells of your body (muscle cells, fat cells, skin cells, etc.) along the way.  Every cell has a certain ability to impede (or slow down) the current slightly as it travels on its path to the exit point. By the time the current reaches its exit point it will have lost some of its voltage. The time it takes for the signal to reach it’s exit point is translated into your results.

Before my test I had specific instructions: I could not eat nor exercise at least 2 hours before my test, I had to remove my socks, and was asked to use the restroom immediately before my test. 


 The process is simple and quick. You step up on the platform, hold onto the handles with your arms out by your sides, and within a minute I had my test results.


I got a full page print out of valuable information about my body composition. Dr. Newton spent half an hour going over all of the data and explaining what all of it meant for me. The most important parts for me and this challenge are the following: my body weight is 120.8 pounds, I am 59.1% water. I have 97.4 pounds of lean body mass, of which 52.7 pounds is skeletal muscle. (Skeletal muscles are the muscles that are most directly affected by exercise and diet). I have 23.3 pounds of body fat. This means my body fat percentage is 19.4%. This is a healthy amount for me. My visceral fat level (fat around my organs) is at a level 4. Level 10 and under greatly decreases risk of metabolic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Dr. Newton assured me that my results are great and recommended aspects to continue to optimize for healthy body mechanics and overall health.


If you are an Asheville local I recommend you visit Dr. Newton! You can visit her website here. Before I left, I asked Dr. Newton to take some pictures of me to serve as “before” pictures.


I do just want to add.. I am comfortable in my body and happy with how I look and feel. I have no “trouble” spots I’m trying to fix and my goal is not to lose any weight. I’m just curious to see if I can see any differences in my body shape after every 2 month interval.. I am a strong supporter of body positivity and I hope you are too. If you struggle with any sort of body image issues message me and I can connect with you some great websites, professionals, books to read and podcasts to listen to. For many (including myself) it takes work to forge a positive relationship with your body and body image, and I’d like to help anyone and everyone who needs help or direction.

I have another post coming your way soon! I’ve got an update on my progress with Scorch! I’m halfway through my first challenge and feeling so good about it! I’ll share all of my thoughts and observations thus far next!

Stay strong and have a great weekend!