Hi, I'm hannah.

I'm the owner and founder of H & Arrow.

Hannah Fleishman, Owner of H & Arrow Fitness | North Carolina

I’ve always loved arrows and the meanings they symbolize.
However, I don’t only admire them because they signify a direction.

The thing about arrows is that in order to launch them,
you need to pull them back first.

About H & Arrow Fitness

You have to pull an arrow backwards in order to thrust it forward, towards a target.

I’ve come to see life and fitness this same way. Sometimes, we need to take a step back to propel ourselves faster, further, stronger towards our goals.

h & arrow embodies this spirit. 

It’s about figuring out what's your arrow - what's your direction - when it comes to fitness.

The “&” in our name comes from doing it together – launching you ahead with our support and the support of your friends and family.

"&" in H & Arrow Fitness | Raleigh-Durham Fitness Classes

i’ve spent the last nine years teaching fitness.

H & Arrow Fitness Classes led by Hannah Fleishman | Raleigh-Durham Fitness

As part of this, I've served as the lead instructor for Durham and Chapel Hill, NC's Pure Barre studios before acquiring a studio of my own in Asheville NC.

I founded H & Arrow to be a resource of fun and flexibility just for you. 

Anchored by my education at UNC-Chapel Hill and master’s in Sport Administration, I'm only getting started on creating ways to help you make your fitness happen!

I love what I do because it’s about helping you discover your own potential.

How far can you go if you aim for a happier, healthier life?
If you’re feeling pulled back, we’ll help you launch yourself forward.


H & Arrow Fitness

Hannah Fleishman is the owner of H & Arrow Fitness. She currently lives in Asheville, NC and is a native of Fayetteville, NC. Contact her here.